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Cover Letter Template for Mac

A Simple Yet Useful Cover Letter Template Just for Mac Users

You need to make sure to draft a good cover letter prior to your interview. This article gives you a sample resume cover letter template for mac.
Geeta Dhavale
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Many people refer to sample cover letter templates when it comes to job applications. But, they forget to personalize them by making it more appealing and creative. Some people just cut, copy, and paste their cover letters; thus, employers can easily differentiate between a genuine and copied cover letter. It is perfectly alright if you refer to other cover letter formats to get an idea, but do not copy them, as it will only make your cover letter look very common and ineffective. Remember that a cover letter is a preface to the resume. It gives an employer the idea about your personal and educational background. It helps him know you better as a person and a professional. So, always design a cover letter in your own style so that your personality is expressed through it. Components of a cover letter always remain the same, you need to add a dash of creativity.

Cover Letter Template

Name: (first name and last name)
Address: (with street number, city and state zip code)
Contact Details: (e mail ID, fax number, telephone number, cell phone number etc.)
Day/ Date:

Name of the employer with title and designation
Name of the organization
Address: (with street number, city and state zip code)

Salutation: Dear Mr/Mrs/Dr. Last Name

Opening Paragraph

In the opening paragraph you should include following points:
  • How did you come to know about the job opening
  • The reason for sending the resume
  • The post you are applying for
  • Brief introduction of yourself
For Example: I came to know about your need for a sub editor through an employee working in your office on 3rd of July. I have two years experience of working with a publication house as a sub editor and so I believe that I have the credentials to join your organization at the same post.

The paragraph should be able to entice the employer to read further, and so you must use an effective language with simple and catchy words.

Second Paragraph:

The second paragraph should include following points:
  • Your educational qualifications
  • Your achievements
  • Your skills and expertise if any
  • Work experience if any
  • Brief information about the previous organization/s
For example: I have completed my bachelors in English Literature from New York University before fiver years. After that I have worked with a leading fashion magazine for two years and then switched to a publication house. For some personal commitments, I had to leave the previous company. I have the experience of editing copies, giving headlines, and using various editing software. I am also ready to work in shifts.

You should mention all the qualities you have without boasting about them. You must convince the employer about your expertise in the subject.

Closing Paragraph:

In this last paragraph you should include following points:
  • Your future plans regarding your career
  • Your commitment and passion towards the job and company
  • Your eagerness to join the company
For example: I will use all my knowledge and skills to the betterment and growth of the company. I will try to generate the accurate and original content for the company and see to it that the readership increases with each passing day. I am looking forward to work with your organization and awaiting a positive response.

Make sure that you end the letter on the positive note and show willingness to further proceedings and interview etc. You must maintain the formal and professional tone throughout the letter.

Complimentary Close:
Thank You.

Yours Faithfully/ Sincerely/ Respectfully,
(Your name and signature: Write your name in CAPITAL letters below the signature)

Enclosures: (refers to your mark sheets, relevant certificates, and resume)

You can create your own cover letter template on your mac using the above format. An effective cover letter and resumes helps you leave a good impression on the employer with your neat and well-drafted cover letters. Make the best use of your mac and design a cover letter template for yourself.