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Cover Letter Examples for Teachers

While applying for the designation of a teacher, you have to make sure the cover letter is appropriate. This article shares some cover letter examples for teachers.

Every resume has to be loaded with key words, based on your achievements and should yield better job opportunities for you. A cover letter plays major role in these endeavors, as they exhibits your personality and qualification to the employer in an effective manner. For every job application, your resume must be prefaced with a creative cover letter. Effective cover letters and resumes are known have a strong impact on the employer that increases your chances of attracting more job opportunities.

Important Tips and Tricks

A cover letter for teachers must include:

  • The reason behind sending the resume
  • How you learned about this job opening
  • A brief work experience
  • Your achievements, inclinations, and future plan
  • Correspondence address and contact details

A cover letter must do the following tricks for you:

  • Entice the reader to consider your resume
  • Highlight your achievements and qualification
  • Showcase your intelligence, talents, and skills
  • Call attention to elements of your background and personality
  • Create a foreground for uniqueness

Cover Letter Examples

Given below are some of the free cover letter examples for teachers.

Example for Teachers with No Experience

Name: (first name and last name)
Address: (with street number, city and state zip code)
Contact Details: (e mail ID, fax number, telephone number, cell phone number etc.)
Day/ Date:

Name of the employer with title and designation
Name of the organization
Address: (with street number, city and state zip code)

Dear Mr/Mrs/Dr. Last Name

I read in the classified section of the New York Times, dated December, regarding your need for an English Literature Graduate for the post of elementary school teacher. I will complete my bachelors in next month from New York University, and I believe that I have the necessary credentials for this post.

I was fortunate enough to work with an elementary school as part of my internship project. I also work as voluntary teacher in some local schools during vacations. I have completed my research project on alternative teaching media. During my research project I visited lot of schools, interviewed a lot of teachers, and gathered a lot of information on effective teaching tools and media. I look forward to use this knowledge in my future career and improve upon my teaching skills.

I am aware that I am a beginner, and I am ready to undergo any kind of training provided by the institution. I am passionate about teaching and I love spending time children. My liking and patience to understand children at every stage inspired me to take up a part-time certificate course in child development. This helped me understand various stages of cognitive and analytical abilities of children. I am sure it will help me in the teaching profession to communicate with children in a better manner.

I ensure that I will give my best to this job. I will see to it that every student is involved in all the class activities and understand all the concepts properly. I will try to balance theory with practice in such a way that will help children to acquire right knowledge, skills, and attitude in life. I look forward to contribute to your school with all my knowledge and abilities.

Awaiting a positive response.
Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
(your name and signature)

Enclosures: (refers to your mark sheets, relevant certificates, and resume)

For Experienced Teachers

Experienced teachers can also refer to the above cover letter examples. The main body of the cover letter format should include following points:

  • Years of experience
  • Name of the previous organization
  • Designation in the previous organization
  • Reason of leaving the previous organization
  • Qualification
  • Expected salary
  • Future plans and commitment

I hope the above cover letter examples for teachers were resourceful for you. Good luck!!

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