Corporate Trainer Salary

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Corporate Trainer Salary

Corporate training involves training the workforce of an organization. These professionals are either employed by an organization permanently, or they can also be hired as consultants. They earn a decent pay, which grows as per their experience.

Working as a corporate trainer requires that you communicate effectively in a way that is understandable. You can opt for public speaking classes, which will help you improve your abilities to speak effectively in groups.

The ability to retain, motivate, and provide quality training to the employees of a firm has assumed a significant role in today’s global economic scenario. The challenge to impart the right skills to the employees has increased by leaps and bounds since the last decade. Nowadays, employees need to be competent enough to handle stress and manage their workload and time effectively. Due to globalization, they need to continuously upgrade their skills, and organizations have made this a part of their strategic plans. Corporate training involves conducting programs for employees as per the changing industry requirements and upgrading their knowledge for different processes.

Earning Potential
A corporate trainer must have an excellent personality and good communication skills. The salary depends on various factors.

  • If you are an established pro with references from big corporate honchos, then you surely will get good assignments and make decent money.
  • If you have work experience spanning several years, chances are you will be paid various other perks and benefits, besides the paychecks. For instance, for business and related work, you will be required to tour countries and visit different branches of the firm to train and coordinate training programs. The traveling expenses and accommodation costs for such tours will be paid by the firm.
  • After years of experience, some experts in this profession choose to start their own independent consultancy firm, and work as per their convenience.
  • Those who are renowned in this field, work on assignments and projects as per their choice.

In the initial stages of the career, one may not earn much; however, once you prove your mettle, you earn handsomely. Let us see the salary scenario in detail. It depends on various factors such as experience level, location of work, industry in which you are employed, etc.

State-wise Salary

Alabama $31,000
Alaska $23,000
Arizona $25,000
Arkansas $30,000
California $32,000
Colorado $27,000
Connecticut $35,000
Delaware $27,000
Florida $28,000
Georgia $35,000
Hawaii $19,000
Idaho $20,000
Illinois $34,000
Indiana $29,000
Iowa $30,000
Kansas $28,000
Kentucky $26,000
Louisiana $26,000
Maine $27,000
Maryland $31,000
Massachusetts $36,000
Michigan $31,000
Minnesota $26,000
Mississippi $31,000
Missouri $30,000
Montana $27,000
Nebraska $22,000
Nevada $23,000
New Hampshire $30,000
New Jersey $33,000
New Mexico $27,000
New York $37,000
North Carolina $29,000
North Dakota $27,000
Ohio $29,000
Oklahoma $28,000
Oregon $29,000
Pennsylvania $29,000
Rhode Island $28,000
South Carolina $29,000
South Dakota $23,000
Tennessee $28,000
Texas $29,000
Utah $24,000
Vermont $27,000
Virginia $30,000
Washington $31,000
West Virginia $29,000
Wisconsin $27,000
Wyoming $25,000

Source: as of May 16, 2014. Figures are in US Dollars.

Based on Experience
Just like any other profession, people employed in this field tend to earn more as they add years of experience.

✓ According to the figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (May 2013), the least annual wage earned by these professionals was USD 32,190. These are the people with less experience and are most likely to be freshers or those with an experience of a year or so.

✓ The median annual salary drawn by them was USD 56,850 which, in hourly terms, translates to $27.33 per hour.

✓ Highly experienced trainers earn around USD 95,600 annually, which is the highest pay earned by these professionals. However, these figures change as per the industry and area they are employed in.

According to Industry Norms
Professionals are hired by various industries such as business schools, petroleum and coal products manufacturing, vocational rehabilitation services, natural gas distribution, educational support services, hospitals, computer systems and related services, and even by local and federal government agencies.

✓ As per the same May 2013 figures taken from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, those employed in vocational rehabilitation services earn the least annual mean pay across industries, which is USD 40,090.

✓ On the other hand, the Federal Executive Branch pays USD 95,810, which is the highest across industries.

✓ Those in electric power generation earn an annual mean wage of USD 84,030 whereas those working in natural gas distribution earn around USD 80,790.

✓ The educational support industry pays USD 62,260, hospitals pay USD 65,940, computer systems and related services pay USD 69,700, and business schools pay a mean annual wage of USD 64,480.

Nowadays, there are various career development programs offered by elite institutions for six months to a year, and they need such professionals on a full-time basis. Such trainings are even conducted online. However, big companies generally have a dedicated department for such activities. Some courses that are covered include time management, effective communication, business writing, public speaking, and conflict resolution. Trainers derive their own methods of delivery so that employees can learn faster and perform better.

Excellent communication skills and an imposing personality are the key traits to become a corporate trainer. As far as educational requirements are concerned, a graduate degree is the minimum that is usually accepted.

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