Sample Format for Copywriter Resume

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Sample Format for Copywriter Resume

In the following CareerStint write up, you will find a few copywriter resume examples that will help you draft one for yourself. Read ahead…

The art of copywriting has been considered to be quite an important one, and advertising agencies and promoters are always in a dire need of people who have good copywriting skills. If we have a look at the career profile of a copywriter, we will notice that a good command over language and a passion for creativity are the key skills.

The basic objective of a copywriter’s profession is to promote products and services by making small sentences, and optimizing them by giving them genuine and attractive graphics. A resume is an extremely important document, as the person’s language and his style of presenting the resume is one of the key factors that is observed by the potential employer.

Instead of giving you a general theory about how to write a resume, or just giving out a resume template, I have depicted two sample resume that would serve as guideline for you.

Copywriter Resume Examples

While reading these resumes, bear in mind to watch the flow of the language. While writing your own resume, make sure that you use your best possible language flow.

Sample Resume of a Senior Copywriter

Here is a copywriter’s resume who is quite experienced in the field.

SK Cooper
201 Sun Street,
Carlson Town

An old man from the field of copywriting with a sense of humor, passion and appreciation for creative art. Endowed with the knowledge of ways of making people happy and master in the art of convincing people, I would definitely like put these qualities to use, while working with you.

Career Goal: Develop and promote the phenomenon of sensible and memorable advertising which will make people laugh with joy.


  • A bachelor of arts degree from Wilson’s Advertising College
  • Diploma in cartoon drawing and graphics
  • Master’s degree in psychology, English and economics
  • A diploma in music and sound mixing
  • Diploma in related graphics and animation.

General Skills:

  • Artist, lyricist composer
  • Command over programming
  • Excellent draftsman
  • Comedian
  • Ex-army serviceman

Professional Skills:

  • Knowledge of almost all graphic software
  • Knowledge of operating systems
  • An ability to truthfully and naturally impress all clients

Professional Experience:

  • 5 years with Scemat Advertising
  • 7 years with Solon Foods and Beverages Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Department
  • 10 Years as the Managing Director of Robcomp Media
  • 6 years as the chief researcher of Rayberry Media

Provision of references and contacts on demand. Experience letters attached.

Sample Resume of a Junior Copywriter

Jackson Rivera
Jackson Houses,

A copywriter, with an innate passion for art, aspiring for an opportunity to create and market.

Career Goals: Make advertisements that really matter for promotion.


  • A bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Institute of Arts and Advertising
  • Master’s degree in copywriting and advertising
  • Diploma in graphic designing

General Skills:

  • Have a reasonable command over new operating systems and graphic programs
  • Excellent and well-developed communication skills
  • Specialized marketing knowledge and experience

Work Experience:

  • 3 years with the Creations and Marketing
  • 5 years with Cranberry Sauce Advertising and Marketing

Writing a really good resume is not an easy task and undoubtedly you will need to plot more than a single draft.

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