Cool Summer Jobs

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Cool Summer Jobs

Interesting, fun and great cool summer jobs are very few to find, but with enough thought, hard work and precision, you can get lucky and land up with one of these. To know about a few cool summer jobs that you can take up this summer, read the article below!

A summer job and that too a cool one, is not that difficult to find, is it? After all, the word ‘cool’ can be perceived differently by different people. However, taking the general meaning into consideration, there are a few cool summer jobs that you can take up this year and make your summer a worthwhile time of your life. A summer jobs needs to pay you but also needs to educate you in one way or the other. The jobs need to be meaningful in their own way and not just a waste of time by doing something you don’t even like. There are a few jobs mentioned below, few of which are summer jobs for kids while some are for older teens. Before taking up any of these jobs, think if you’re going to be able to enjoy it. If it involves something you don’t like, don’t take it up as you will waste a lot of time doing something you don’t really like. Instead think beforehand, and then act on it.

5 Cool Jobs You Can Take Up in Summer


Opening a drink stand of your own is perhaps the oldest idea of a cool summer job but the best for sure. You can keep drinks such as lemonade, a few juices and a few soft drinks even. Summer is the best time to enjoy such refreshing drinks and thus this idea, however old, is sure to work. Once you earn a little bit of money, you can invest that as capital and expand a little by keeping some food items as well. It’s a different thing to be self employed, isn’t it?


Instructors are needed everywhere from summer camps to gyms to dance classes. You can work as an instructor in any place where you think you can do something you like. Instructing is cool according to a lot of people, so be it! Instructing at a few summer camps is one of the easiest jobs to get, and one that is absolute fun to execute. You can ask around with people you know for vacancies, or directly contact the offices where you would want to work.

Story Time

Write a story on a subject that interests you a lot and sell it to your local newspaper or a famous magazine. Don’t just write down something but actually work on it. Collect photographs, meet people, go out, study the subject and then write your idea in the form of a story. If money is not your main focus, this job would be really rewarding in terms of experience. You can write on a subject that would help you in your future studies.

Out of the Box

If you’re looking for some really cool summer jobs for teenagers, it’s time you think out of the box. This idea really does beat the rest. Think of new businesses people can set up and totally different ones. For example, opening up a restaurant that functions completely with recycled goods apart from the food, of course. Copyright these ideas and sell them to people who are interested. You can advertise for free on the Internet. This can get you a lot of money in a very short time if your ideas are worth it.

Good Food

If you’re a foodie, you can start working in a restaurant or in a hotel. However, you need to be of a certain age (depending upon your state laws) to take this one up. This will help you learn about a few new cuisines as well. Another option here is the self employment one again. How about starting a catering service that is quicker and cheaper than the rest available? That is sure to work, isn’t it? Get a few friends together and start supplying simple fast foods to house parties. Later, if you think you can keep up with big orders, you can do those too!

After having a look at these cool summer jobs, I hope you’re feeling motivated to pick up a job soon. While some of these were high paying summer jobs, the rest do offer a lot more if not money. Taking up a job is very easy but doing it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Be ready for a lot of hard work, patience and of course, rewards! Start searching soon to land up with the best. Best of Luck!

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