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Convention Services Manager Job Description

Convention Services Manager Job Description

The job of a convention services manager isn't an easy one. It takes an eye for detail along with excellent organizational and communication skills, to make every convention a success.
Mukta Gaikwad
The credit for a well facilitated event always goes to the unquestionable coordination and detailed planning by the convention services manager. After all, he is the one responsible for successful events, without any stoppages. Making a career in convention services takes a little more than just a hospitable attitude. One needs to be a clever team leader at all times. Taking quick decisions and being a problem solver are the key aspects of a convention services manager's job. One needs to be adept with the practical usage of management theories, to execute the given tasks with absolute finesse.

Aspiring candidates need to note that the job of a convention services manager is the one that needs an extrovert personality. If you have the ability to multitask, be a people's person, troubleshoot, and being actively involved in planning, then here's a perfect job opportunity for you.

Job Description
  • To begin with, a convention services manager must have basic organizational skills, as it is a job that demands organization of events, meetings or other programs.
  • He must possess event management abilities, which are required for carrying out the assigned task of planning an event.
  • To plan a task, he has to coordinate with the caterers, book a venue in advance, obtain permits of liquor, music or fireworks. He may also have to manage the audio-visual equipment, lights, sound, hire equipment if needed, employ contractors, plan the seating arrangement, and the decor and the layout of the place in general.
  • Additionally, he must also plan out the car parking space, traffic control, security, first aid, and also coordinate media coverage if it is required.
  • He must see to it that all the facilities are in best condition for the smooth flow of the event.
  • In order to arrange for a place, he must know the number of members who will be attending the convention. Thus, he must correspond to the invitees and get a list of people who will be attending.
  • A convention services manager's communication skills are always put to test, as they have to constantly communicate with clients, vendors, and the workers. Additionally, they may also have to negotiate with the clients and vendors,to minimize the expenses.
  • A convention services manager is also responsible for managing the finances of the event in question. Thus, he must know how to manage the accounts. While planning an event right from scratch, he may have to draft a cost sheet, make a budget, eliminate the unnecessary costs, and make sure that the resources are used in an optimized manner.
  • The responsibility of a convention services manager does not end at the end of the event. Post that, he must ensure all the hired equipment is sent back, the venue is cleared off, contractors are relieved from their duties, and the remaining set up has been dismantled and put back. All of these have to be paid for too.
  • He must also get a feedback from the clients about how the event was, and note the required corrections for future references.
  • The job description of convention services manager is similar to that of an event planner, in more ways than one.
These were some of the generalized convention services manager duties. Salary can be anything from $40,000 to $50,000 p.a., though this will vary or even go higher according to location, experience, and company of service. Also, depending on the available resources and the nature of the event, the duties may vary. Although, a convention services manager is leading a team, at times, he may also have to be a team player and be open to suggestions from his teammates. Many times, a convention manager has to work without a break during the day and burn the midnight oil too. Thus, he must have the ability to maintain a calm composure under pressure, in order to keep his workforce motivated. A successful convention manager is the one who has an eye for detail, possesses impeccable communication skills, treats his clients with respect, and takes criticism constructively.