Computer Technician Resume Template

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Computer Technician Resume Template

Having trouble drafting a computer technician resume? Read the following CareerStint article to learn how to draft one yourself.

Writing a resume for a computer technician’s job can seem to be a daunting task for those who have just stepped into the job market. If you have the right skills and a strong will, then no one can possibly stop you from getting yourself placed in one of the best organizations in the market.

Job Description

A computer technician’s job includes installing, modifying, repairing and maintaining hardware and software systems of the computer. Besides these primary duties, they also assist the users with technical assistance, for example hardware troubleshooting.

All computer technicians usually come from the same educational background and more or less have the same skills, yet they can be categorized into four categories depending on the area of specialization, repair, network, server and infrastructure. To specialize in one of the mentioned job aspects or categories, one needs to take additional training such as an A+ certification to get specialized in the area of computer repairs.

Sample Resume Template

Given below is the template that can help in drafting resume for computer technician. You could use the format used in this resume format and simply change the content to personalize it, as per your needs.

Your Name
Your Address
Your Telephone Number (Residence and Cell)
Your E-mail ID

Career Objective

Write an impressive career objective and please note that impressive does not mean using a generic statement used by many others. Most of the time it’s acts as a spoiler, as it denotes that you are not certain or sure of what you want from your career. State your short-term career objective with conviction and you’d impress the reader. 
Professional Qualifications

In this section of the resume, state your area of expertise. For example. Network installation, programming etc. Also mention your extensive knowledge about the industry, your customer service skills in terms of your efficiency in resolving the customer’s query and providing technical assistance. 
Professional Experience

State the name of the organization that you have worked with, the duration and the location of the organization. While stating your work experience, describe your past job profile in detail. This gives the reader a fair idea of what are you capable of doing and would you really prove to be an asset to their company/ organization. 
Educational Qualifications

State all your educational qualifications (bachelors/ associates degree), the year and the name of the university from where you have obtained the degree. 
Training and Certification

State the certifications and trainings. For example: A+ certification. Stating this would help the reader to know what is your specialization. 
Computer Skills

State your proficiency and knowledge about different computer languages and operating systems. For example: C+, C++, Java etc.

The important point that I’d like to stress upon is; to mention all your relevant experience in detail, it is important as it helps the reader to ascertain your excellence and competence in the field. Make the best resume and be confident at the time of giving the interview. All the best!

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