Computer Programmer Salary

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Computer Programmer Salary

The aim of this article is to take you through the salary details, along with the job description and educational qualifications required to become a successful computer programmer.

With the advancement of the Information Technology (I.T.) sector, more and more jobs are being created in the field of computers. These jobs are very coveted, because they give the eligible people an opportunity to work for large multi-national organizations and get a premium pay package. One of these coveted jobs is that of a computer programmer, which offers great advancement opportunities within the company one works, apart from a fat paycheck. Before we understand the education requirements and salary details, let us first understand the job description.

Job Description

The main responsibility of computer programmers is to use their skills in preparing accurate programs. The instructions given in the programs enable the computers to operate in a proper way. The programs are written in standard programming languages such as C, C++, JAVA, etc. The computer programmers create new software for a variety of purposes, such as educational software, gaming software, publishing software, etc. They have to think logically at every step involved in the making of the program and are required to keep the main aim behind the program in their mind to avoid any sort of mistakes. The programs are finalized only after going through stringent testing.

Educational Qualifications

A thorough knowledge of computer programming is a must. You should opt for subjects such as science and mathematics in your high school and secure good marks or grades in them. This will prove to be very useful, while securing an admission in a good college for graduation. If you complete your graduation in the field of computer science with a decent score, you will be able to get the entry-level jobs at the post of junior programmers in software development companies.

You will get much better paying jobs, if you complete your master’s degree in programming from a recognized and reputed university. The more programming languages you know, the more will be your growth prospects in this fast growing field. You should also complete short courses and certificate courses in subjects related to computer programming, as they will help you increase the depth of your knowledge and help you secure a coveted job in the software industry.

Salary Details

Computer programmers earn a very high salary due to the great demand for their specific skills in the job market. As per various salary surveys, their average salary is around USD 55,000 per year. The entry-level salaries can be in the range of USD 35,000 to USD 50,000 per year, depending on the candidate’s skills. The salary range largely depends on the location and the years of work experience. With five to seven years of experience, you can expect to earn anything in between USD 60,000 to 70,000 per year. With more than ten years of experience, you can earn around USD 100,000 annually.

The computer programmer salary has seen a growing trend for many years and this trend is believed to be the same in years to come. Deserving and talented people should therefore try their level best to enter this high paying profession.

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