Salary of a Network Administrator

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Salary of a Network Administrator

This article will acquaint you with a computer network technician’s salary, besides other related aspects. The salary of network administrators and their career prospects are excellent. If you are interested in this field, then read ahead to know about the salary of a network administrator, and the various aspects associated with this computer networking job.

Computer-related jobs are one of the top-rated jobs worldwide. Computers have become an inseparable part of the corporate culture, and computer networking professionals are in demand just about everywhere. But computer networking is not an easy job, as it entails a lot of responsibilities, especially if you are the only one handling your department! Find out the job description, educational requirements, and most importantly, the salary of a network administrator.

Computer Networking Technician Salary

Computer networking jobs are among the most lucrative jobs in the market. This is the reason that almost half of the youth are attracted towards the computer industry. The average salary of a network administrator or a networking technician is around $60,000 – $75000. Actually, the salary range depends upon the qualification, experience, and the area of specialization too. The more the qualification and experience, the higher is the salary range, and therefore, many individuals go in for a master’s degree in networking or computer science. Let us have a look at the average salaries according to specialization.

Computer Networking Salaries

  • Junior Network Administrator: $30,174 – $57,470
  • Network Administrator: $33,470 – $72,312
  • Network Engineer: $43,598 – $99,652
  • Network Security Engineer: $51,075 – $119,930
  • Network Security Administrator: $41,063 – $98,162
  • Senior Network Engineer: $65,965 – $131,926
  • Senior Network Administrator: $48,251 – $95,485
  • Computer Technical Support Specialist: $29,642 – $64,652

*Source: PayScale

Educational Requirements

A network administrator’s job is a completely technical job. Therefore, it requires a lot of training and knowledge about computer science and its applications. To become a network administrator, you need to acquire a bachelor’s degree, either in computer science, computer engineering, or telecommunications. But just a bachelor’s degree is not quite enough. If you want to work with top-notch companies, then a master’s degree in computer science is necessary, along with the knowledge in various network-related subjects such as network designing, application, security management, etc. Keeping yourself updated on the various aspects of computer networking is equally necessary in this field of work.

Job Description

Computer network administrators are the key members of any organization. This is because they control, support, and supervise the computer network of the organization. This makes the networking job a difficult and challenging one. Let’s look at the job description of a network administrator.

  • Planning and Designing the Network: The foremost duty of a network administrator includes planning the computer network. Such planning involves selecting the correct network addressing system, connection devices, and designing the layout of various networking configurations.
  • Implementation and Maintenance: After accurate designing and planning, implementing the network and maintaining all the user accounts also forms an important part of the network administrator’s job.
  • Technical Support: As technical supporters, computer networking technicians help troubleshoot and fix networking problems that one may experience with the computer network. This needs a lot of patience and sometimes working beyond the call of duty.
  • Network Security: Network security in terms of data security forms the most important part of any organization. Therefore, the network administrator’s duty is to install security systems and educate the users about data security, to make sure that the organization’s data is properly handled and kept secure.

Now you’ve got an idea of the salary of a computer network administrator along with his job outlook and the educational requirements for this field. If you wish to build your career in the field of computer networking, you need to be hardworking and dedicated. With hands-on experience and practical knowledge, you can definitely rise to a top position in this field.

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