Civil Engineer Salary

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Civil Engineer Salary

A civil engineer’s salary depends on various factors such as the facility which he is working in, size of the project, and the experience level of the professional.

Civil engineering is one of the oldest and fundamental branches of engineering, mainly related to infrastructure development. Professionals working in this sector are known as civil engineers who are responsible for a wide range of tasks that are to do with design, creation, and maintenance of infrastructure. One can specialize in environmental work, structural and construction projects, transportation setups, or other fields related to infrastructural development.

There are two types of civil engineers: consulting and contracting. The former deals with providing the design inputs, whereas the latter is concerned with the actual construction of a project and converting a design into reality.

Salary Range

The salary range depends largely on the experience level in construction and developmental projects. Education also plays a very crucial role; a professional possessing an MS in civil engineering has better prospects than one who has a bachelor’s degree in the same field. Generally, these professionals may be employed in government construction agencies, construction and development companies, architectural organizations, and other facilities which deal in infrastructural development. Professionals who are hired by the government may get paid more than those employed in private companies. The average starting salary is around USD 45,000 per annum. After five to ten years of experience, the pay may rise to USD 60,000 to USD 80,000 per year. A senior professional with 15 – 20 years of experience can earn over USD 110,000 per annum.

Job Description

Before providing a confirmation to begin construction, a civil engineer is required to examine the construction site. He has to ensure that the site is free from all potential dangers. He has to discuss all the requirements with the client first, and then initiate the project by consulting with the architects and building contractors. He has to ensure that the project is executable by analyzing the risks involved, the materials and essentials available, the time of the deliverables, and labor availability. Making designs and blueprints for construction of various projects such as buildings, canals, flyovers, subways, landscaping projects, transportation systems, etc., is one of the primary tasks that he has to carry out.

The main responsibility is to devise suitable plans for the construction and development of infrastructure. He has to use his logical and creative thinking ability to come up with ideas which will be beneficial for the project. He also has to oversee the work done by the subcontractors and laborers working under him. He has to communicate the project plans clearly to construction managers, subcontractors, and the client. Also, he is responsible for ensuring the quality of the materials and equipment employed for the project. The construction equipment must be free from any fault which can prove fatal for the laborers.

The job of civil engineers demands a lot of hard work, and the ability to manage risk. Moreover, they also have to be diligent in getting the project done on time and within budget.

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