Salary of a Certified Public Accountant

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Salary of a Certified Public Accountant

A CPA maintains and evaluates the financial records of a company. The salary of a certified public accountant has always seen a rising trend. This article presents a salary guide of a CPA based on experience and location.

Did You Know ?

Successful CPA exam candidates cannot use the ‘Certified Public Accountant’ (CPA) title until the certificate (license) application has been approved by the Board of Accountancy.


A certified public accountant (CPA) analyzes complex business problems, and ensures financial integrity through evaluation of accounts. He plays an important role in strategic tax planning and investments. With the help of the reports presented by the CPA, the management can take decisions on how the money should be spent, and how the product and the revenue can be improved.

Instead of the term ‘Certified Public Accountant’, the term ‘Chartered Accountant’ (CA) is used in countries which follow the UK convention, for example, Asian countries like India, Malaysia, also in New Zealand and Australia. A certified public accountant’s responsibilities include financial planning, book-keeping, auditing, and tax-related activities. He/she is expected to deal with all financial transactions and understand the related legal issues.

CPA Salary Range

The salary range of a CPA depends upon a lot of factors like the state he/she practices in, the position, the organization that he/she works for, and his/her experience.

  • Based on these criteria, the salary figures can be in the range of USD 44,740 to USD 120,000.
  • With an average of USD 68,150 per year. Bigger states like New York offer a higher salary as compared to smaller states.

*The above figures are as per BLS .

Salary of a Chief Financial Officer

The salary of a chief financial officer (CFO) can be between USD 177,928 – USD 473,450, and may vary according to the years of experience, skills, size of the company, location, etc.

Educational Qualification of a Public Accountant

A master’s degree coupled with the CPA certification can help you earn an even better salary. A candidate with CPA certification can receive 5-15% more salary than his non-credentialed counterpart. The starting salary of a CPA will vary based on his/her education and experience. Over time, more frequent and higher-level promotions can widen the gap between the salary of a certified public accountant and his/her non-credentialed counterpart to as much as USD 50,000.

CPA Salary According to Experience

Entry Level Around USD 56000
Mid Career USD 45,865 – USD 96,470
Experienced USD 52,000 – USD 134,000
Late Career USD 92,000 – USD 201,000

CPA Salary According to Location

Location Average Salary
Alabama USD 56,340
Alaska USD 74,400
Arizona USD 71,424
Arkansas USD 73,194
California USD 88,795
Colorado USD 61,941
Connecticut USD 60,039
Delaware USD 72,320
Florida USD 60,987
Georgia USD 75,818
Hawaii USD 60,000
Idaho USD 58,000
Illinois USD 58,792
Indiana USD 77,166
Iowa USD 61,930
Kansas USD 58,782
Kentucky USD 57,000
Louisiana USD 102,397
Maine USD 62,000
Maryland USD 77,130
Massachusetts USD 73,844
Michigan USD 70,031
Minnesota USD 58,545
Mississippi USD 51,204
Missouri USD 63,455
Montana USD 45,334
Nebraska USD 55,494
Nevada USD 53,458
New Hampshire USD 82,332
New Jersey USD 86,057
New Mexico USD 70,058
New York USD 88,940
North Carolina USD 72,000
North Dakota USD 50,868
Ohio USD 60,204
Oklahoma USD 54,000
Oregon USD 59,392
Pennsylvania USD 65,398
Rhode Island USD 60,000
South Carolina USD 80,000
South Dakota USD 48,367
Tennessee USD 58,808
Texas 63,905
Utah USD 72,155
Vermont USD 65,000
Virginia USD 68,027
Washington USD 80,000
West Virginia USD 64,329
Wisconsin USD 63,383
Wyoming USD 43,891

*The above figures are as per PayScale and All figures mentioned in this article are in US Dollars.

You can consider this field if you have a genuine interest in it. As you can see, a career as a CPA/CA and the associated salary for deserving candidates is extremely attractive.

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