Charge Nurse Salary

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Charge Nurse Salary

Charge nurse mostly performs supervisory and administrative duties in a hospital. In this article, we have listed the salary of a charge nurse under different circumstances.

Nursing jobs have always been in demand irrespective of the economic condition. This sector employs a whopping 2 million professionals and constitutes for 14% of the total medical workforce, which is by far the largest for any medical field. Nursing jobs are available in various specialties and facilities. Besides, nurses work at various levels according to their education and experience. Some nurses perform managerial duties in addition to patient care. These are charge nurses who are more qualified and experienced than average registered nurses.

Charge Nurse Job Description

Charge nurses may work in various medical facilities such as hospitals, private clinics or community settings. They are basically Licensed Practitioner Nurses (LPNs) or Registered Nurses (RNs) with years of nursing experience to their credit. Their duties include supervising the day-to-day working of the medical facility or their department. They oversee the documents regarding patient admission, discharge etc. They also supervise the duties of other RNs and LPNs in their department. They guide them regarding proper patient care, administration of medications, handling equipment etc. Besides, they also keep a track of medical supplies and inventories in a medical facility.

Other duties of charge nurses include: imparting training and education to junior nurses, reprimanding erring staff, evaluating performances of staff nurses and so on. They also co-ordinate patient-doctor relation and comfort the patient’s family whenever required. In case of emergency, they may help in transit and emergency care for the patient. They may also perform the usual duties of patient care whenever the medical facility is understaffed. Preparing and submitting patient reports is another duty of charge nurses.

Charge nurses should have excellent oral and written communication skills. They should possess leadership qualities and must be able to perform managerial duties efficiently. Certain interpersonal skills such as patience, perseverance also add to the qualities of a charge nurse. They must be able to work in team, as they are required to collaborate nursing staff and doctors. Besides, they should be able to handle emergency situations. They are required to work at erratic hours, sometimes at a stretch. Hence, they must be in an excellent physical and mental condition. Besides, they must report on duty whenever summoned. All in all, this job is indeed a challenging one and full of responsibilities.

Charge Nurse Salary

Charge nurses usually earn at the higher end of the spectrum owing to their qualification and extensive experience. However, the salary range is greatly determined by their education, area of expertise and state of residence. Registered nurses who have completed a four-year degree course in Bachelor of Nursing (BSN) have maximum potential to earn as charged nurses. Similarly, registered nurses with an associates degree also earn quite high. Those with an experience as LPN have the lowest earning potential. Nonetheless, the personal skills, overall experience and facility where they work also have a significant impact on their salary range.

Charge nurses who have garnered experience working as an RN can earn anywhere between $54,543 – $76,346. Those who worked as LPNs before can earn somewhere between $39,000 – $51,000. Nurses with an associates degree and experience as registered nurses may opt for an accelerated RN to BSN program which may increase their earning potential.

Thus, if you are already working as a registered nurse, then becoming a charge nurse could be your next step. This is a highly satisfying career with responsibility and authority.

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