Certified Pharmacy Technician Salary

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Certified Pharmacy Technician Salary

With the development and diversification of the pharmaceutical sector in recent years, the scope and extent of pharmacy technician jobs has increased to a considerable extent. Consequently, pharmaceutical jobs have become more competitive in terms of salaries and selection criteria.

A certified pharmacy technician is generally paid on an hourly basis, as the professional set up of their work is such that they have to work in day and night shifts. Nevertheless, career opportunities in the field of pharmacy have shot up in the last few years, and this has led to better salaries.

Salary Range

Salaries in any profession are dependent on various factors like work experience, educational degrees, job responsibilities, and location. Pharmacy technicians earn a salary of near about US$ 10 to 18 per hour. Those who are licensed have better opportunities to earn more. This makes the need of having certificates and educational degrees absolutely important. These certifications prove that the technician is capable of handling various types of associated jobs.

Pharmacy technicians possessing these certificates have to go for certification after every two years. They have various sources of income, and this also affects the average salary. Pharmacy colleges, on-the-job training stores, chemist stores, and various other professional setups are the places where they can find employment. Previous experience also plays a pivotal role in increasing the salary. The general setups in which pharmacy technicians are employed are, general and medical stores, grocery stores, pharmacies and drug stores, hospitals, and retail outlets.

The salary for those who have been newly employed is between US$ 25,000 to 35,000. The average salary for technicians having work experience of more than a year and less than four years is US$ 42,000. With further work experience and advancement in skills, the salary can cross US$ 50,000. Work location is also a significant parameter that affects the earning potential. For example, technicians residing in Washington earn about US$ 30,000 to 45,000, while those in places like Alabama average around US$ 25,000.

In health and personal care centers, shops or stores, the salary range is near about US$ 28,000. In general medical and surgical hospitals, it is around US$ 32,000. In simple merchandise and general stores, the salary is US$ 25,000. Top paying professionals are those who work in industries like federal executive branches, where the earning potential is US$ 40,000. Further, in scientific and development services, the earning potential is roughly US$ 38,000. Pharmacy technicians working in various pharmaceutical companies earn salaries of around US$ 36,000.

As we can see, the pay scale has increased in recent years, and it holds promise for better growth as work experience increases. The education programs for pharmacy technicians lasts anywhere from six months to two years. These courses are generally a part of various pharmacy schools, and cover extensive programs like pharmacy laws, calculations, record keeping, and other necessary skills. The type of organization in which one works also has a great impact on the remuneration.

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