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Certified Nurse Midwife Salary

Want to be a certified nurse midwife? The salary range of nurse midwives with a certification in hand is anything but disappointing. Take a look at the following article, which efficiently describes the annual remuneration that nurse midwives get.
Veethi Telang
Feels mesmerizing, to serve a would-be-mother all throughout her pregnancy. Be one of the first few persons to take the newborn in your hands, and experience that moment of happiness in the family's eyes. And when you get big bucks out of this job, you cannot ask for anything better. Midwifery is often considered a job for the privileged, as midwives have a significant role to play in preparing women for conceiving, and be there for them during all phases of their pregnancy. Many midwives provide postnatal care to women too, and hence, earn greater remunerations. While becoming a midwife doesn't demand a rich educational background, becoming a certified nurse midwife definitely does.
Nurse midwives are registered nurses (RN), and seek specialized training in assisting pregnant women and their newborns. Their job profile involves, not only supporting and caring for a pregnant woman and her family, but also follow clinical procedures, being a registered nurse that they are. Pregnant women have hundreds of questions with regards to the changes that are happening to their bodies, and nurse midwives answer them all patiently, and guide them all throughout the pregnancy period.
A career as a certified nurse midwife opens a lot of job opportunities for those interested in midwifery - one can become a clinical specialist, a midwifery consultant, or even a supervisor of midwives working under them. All in all, it's a delicate but interesting career involving the care for a lot of human emotions, and an opportunity to take back a hefty salary. More on the salary of certified professional midwives working as a nurse, follows below.
Average Certified Nurse Midwife Pay Scale
Given the certification that a nurse midwife owns before kick-starting her career, she can easily expect a better salary package than ordinary midwives. Their pay scale emphasizes on the importance of certification for any health care professional, midwives included.
With certification, one can expect an enhanced future, and a great exposure for the reason that enlists all achievements and acquirements of an aspirant, and as a result, opens the doors for a greater number of opportunities of certified nurse midwives. That said, the average salary for them lies anywhere between $65,000 - $110,000, depending upon the geographical region, the number of years of relevant working experience, and the workplace that a midwife chooses to work in.
While Mississippi pays the highest to certified nurse midwives, states such as Hawaii and Alaska, on the other hand, pay a little less. To make the comparison of salaries, check out the following table that represents the pay scale of midwives with certification in all the major states in USA.
  • Alabama - $94,000
  • Arizona - $87,000
  • Alaska - $70,000
  • Arkansas - $87,000
  • Colorado - $77,000
  • California - $93,000
  • Connecticut - $93,00
  • Delaware - $83,000
  • District of Columbia - $98,000
  • Florida - $84,000
  • Georgia - $90,000
  • Hawaii - $67,000
  • Idaho - $76,000
  • Illinois - $93,000
  • Indiana - $94,000
  • Iowa - $84,000
  • Kansas - $81,000
  • Kentucky - $90,000
  • Louisiana - $87,000
  • Maine - $85,000
  • Massachusetts - $100,000
  • Michigan - $80,000
  • Minnesota - $84,000
  • Mississippi - $111,000
  • Missouri - $91,000
  • Montana - $87,000
  • Nebraska - $75,000
  • Nevada - $81,000
  • New Jersey - $89,000
  • New Mexico - $78,000
  • New York - $101,000
  • North Carolina - $84,000
  • Ohio - $83,000
  • Oklahoma - $81,000
  • Oregon - $84,000
  • Pennsylvania - $80,000
  • South Carolina - $80,000
  • South Dakota - $77,000
  • Tennessee - $84,000
  • Texas - $84,000
  • Utah - $81,000
  • Virginia - $89,000
  • Washington - $79,000
  • Wisconsin - $72,000
Note: The annual salaries given above are approximate and are subject to change.
Nursing is the largest occupation in health care in the United States, and career prospects for certified midwives are great for the same reason. With increasing concern regarding prenatal and postnatal health care, and an alarming number of cases of complications during pregnancy, their jobs are increasing in demand. The above salary figures explain how lucrative this career is, and hence, if you're fond of nursing, and want to help pregnant women deliver healthy babies without compromising with their own, a career in midwifery awaits to embrace you with arms wide open.