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Job Opportunities in Catering

Job Opportunities in Catering

Organizing any major family or corporate event calls for the specialized services of caterers. Weddings, corporate parties, venue decorations, etc., service providers today take care of everything.
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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018
It has become virtually impossible these days to organize a corporate or private function that calls for a long list of invitees, without the dedicated services of a caterer. The moment you set a date for the event, no matter what it is, and decide on the venue, the very next hunt is that for a dependable service management company. These professionals go beyond putting together a perfect feast. They are now diversifying into venue suggestion and setting or decorating, organizing theme events, catering to event marketing, and of course the service of dedicated staff. The services are now highlighted via a number of online and off-line resources and the information is available 24/7.

The Menu Planner

One of the job openings in this industry is that of a menu planner. From starters, to main course, and the dessert spread, the menu planner who is also the event manager, plans it all. Of course the budget plays a big role while deciding the menu. However, these professionals are trained and educated at recognized catering schools and colleges to put on show a scrumptious fare, even within the most stringent budget. Most of their efforts, especially if the budget is low, can be seen in the presentation of the food and the quality. The menu planner is also equipped to propose different menus and create near-exact estimates of the cost. However, it is the customer's responsibility to be specific about his or her needs when filling out the request form. It takes the menu planner little or no time at all to offer quotes for comparison. The proposals are always on per-guest basis.

The Chefs

The chefs recruited by these companies are important components of the business. These masters are the ones who have to work in unison to ensure the success of the event. It is the team work that is most observed when the table is laid. In case of the big catering companies, the chefs most certainly are gourmets who decide on the combinations of entrees and wines. They are the ones who work out the complimenting combinations on the basis of whatever is possible within the budget set. However, when dealing with caterers, especially to ensure that there is no compromise on the food, which is why in the first place they are being hired, you need to check with the chefs whether or not yours is the only wedding or corporate event on that day. If not, it pays to inquire about the number of similar functions they would be catering to. The chefs need to be most spaced out of all the employees, to assure you a gourmet meal and complete value for the investment.

The Coordinator

The coordinator plays a vital role. He or she ties up with the customer, menu planner, chefs, and outdoor decorators to ensure the success of the event. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the coordinator handles everything from keeping the venue ready at least an hour before the guests arrives and setting up the access area, to ensuring that every guest gets a hot meal platter and is informed about the choices and cleaning up after the function, within the stipulated time, if preset. He/she decides on the overtime charges and the gratuities included, if any. Whether it is corporate or holiday event planning, the office of the coordinator takes care of everything.

The Industry Today

Accolades come in plenty from family and co-workers, when you manage organizing your holiday party at your house, in your office or at a specially identified location. Today, caterers offer dedicated services even to the discerning homemaker on special days like Thanksgiving or Christmas, enabling the family to get together without having to miss out on essential quality time with their loved ones and skip the kitchen bound involvement totally. There are many agencies who now offer set traditional menus at special costs and even further customize the meal to family traditions. The services offered are either 'drop off' or 'sit down service'. There is a difference in cost and while the former only involves the supply of the food, the latter involves complete service.
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