Caregiver Salary

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Caregiver Salary

The caregiver salary has shown significant rise in recent years due to increasing number of people, especially those in old age groups, needing assistance for living. In case, you are aspiring to be a caregiver, then this piece of information can be very useful for you. Read further and know more about caregiver jobs.

In the US and Canada, caregivers have become a necessary requirement for looking after people who are in some or the other ways, unable to take proper care of themselves. Put forward simply, care givers are the professionals who assist people in daily life activities. Generally, caregivers are qualified and skilled to care independently for children, disabled and elderly people. People who have worked in hospitality sector or are planning to be future nurses or nannies can work as caregivers, to get a basic understanding of hospitality jobs. The caregiver salary depends on various caregiver duties and responsibilities that are assigned to the caregiver.


The profession of caregivers is technically similar to that of nurses and nannies as these job profiles are also concerned with taking care of the patient. Career opportunities in this profession has sprung in various countries like Canada and US, where there have been various job openings for caregiver positions. This has indirectly increased competition and at the same time fueled the growth of a caregiver’s salary.

The caregiver salary is majorly dependent on various tasks that the caregiver job description entails. Caregivers whose domain and range of duties is restricted to providing assistance to clients only in simple household chores like home care, food preparation and laundry are generally paid less. Their salaries range between US$8 to US$10 per hour. Professional caregivers who work in homes and residences for assistance in household chores are hired by nursing homes and job agencies.

Further advances in this profession involves more personal interaction with the clients and their families/guardians, if any. At this level of profession, caregivers work for managing entire household activities of the client, starting from meal preparation to assisting the client in attending social engagements. The caregiver salary for professionals at this level ranges between US$10 to US$14.

The highest caregiver salary is commanded by expert caregivers who have specialized medical training often to the level of nursing jobs. These caregivers are in most demand as they have to manage the entire life of their patient.

Aging is an inevitable part of human life and elderly people are worst hit by effects of aging, especially if there are serious complications during these ages. Call it a change in the general makeup of the society or the price of development, majority of elderly people have to live in old age homes, or other similar places. As their children have either, no time to attend to them or they don’t want to take efforts to look after their parents.

In some cases, where people are concerned about their parents, they hire caregivers, after meeting some good job agencies so that their parents can have assistance in dealing with the elderly health issues in the absence of their family members. Similarly, caregivers profession is also concerned with taking care of babies whose mothers are working professionals.

The caregiver salaries for people at this level is between US$35,000 to US$65,000, which is definitely a pretty decent pay scale. To become a caregiver, one must have strong interpersonal skills. Compassion and love for the person you are taking care is of utmost importance.

This is a profession that requires you to put in all dimensions of your personality. While you have to be vigilant and sure that you are taking proper care of the patient, you have to ensure that love and care is also there. An inherent ability to share the problems of others and provide them emotional support is an essential personality trait required for this job.

Besides that, you have to clearly communicate to the client’s family your job expectations and duties you will carry out. The caregiver salary, is a criterion for entering this field however, majority of experienced caregivers who have entered this field, love this profession. After all, helping a person who is unhealthy or inefficient in taking one’s own care, is a satisfying job. At the end of the day, you can feel happy that you are caring for a person. Monetary rewards definitely follow with time and work experience.

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