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Caregiver Resume Sample

Caregiver Resume Sample
A caregiver's resume should highlight qualities like nurturing, caring, etc. If you need to make one, this article helps out with the format and a few samples for your reference.
Torque Earnest
Caregiving is a quality that not many of us are endowed with. Thus, this professional's resume should invariably include qualities that highlight the important abilities of caregiving in some way or other, viz., one can mention them point-wise like a list or in paragraphs. The duties one has carried out in the past should also be mentioned, since experience in this field is something that is very important in the eyes of potential employers.
The following will give you sample resumes for the elderly, children, etc. This piece of resume writing is almost the same for any caregiver job, with minor changes depending on the job profile you are looking for.
Recommended Format
Personal Details: This section should contain your name, address and contact number.

Objective: This section of the caregiver resume consists of the objective, means, where exactly you are looking for employment. For example, in a home or a hospital or an old age home, etc.

Work Experience: As the name suggests, this section of the resume should mention the experiences you have had so far.

Competencies: This section is the main highlight of your resume and should contain the qualities you think is most suited to the job profile. For example, patient, tolerant, hardworking, dependable, having independent problem solving ability, etc. In short, the qualities which will define your competency for the said job.

Education: This section of the caregiver resume should have your educational background. In case this information is not much of use to the caregiver's job, this can be the last entry in the resume i.e. after the extra activities section.

Extra Activities: This section of the caregiver resume gives you a chance to mention any social groups you are associated with which might prove to be in your favor.
Caregiver Resume Sample
Portia Ernest
18, Bassanio Street, Washington
Contact No.- 4041 82 007
Patient Caregiver
  • Been in the administrative department of a reputed firm.
  • Worked in hospitals of the physically challenged for three years.
  • Provided efficient service at households in Washington and New York city.
  • Patient and tolerant with the senior citizens and children alike.
  • Committed and hard-working.
Objective: To serve in a firm where I can serve the elderly (single as well as / or a couple) and use my experience to help them have a dignified life.

Work Experience:

Christian Home for The Less Abled, New York (Oct. 2008 - Oct. 2010)

Worked as the caregiver head in the administrative department of this organization for the physically challenged and was awarded the 'Most Compassionate' member of the firm as well as 'Efficient Employee' of the year 2009. Was responsible for recruiting freshers and designing training modules for converting them into professional caregivers.
  • Helped them with toilet activities.
  • Helping them move from the wheelchair to bed and vice versa.
  • Monitored symptoms of improvement in cases of paralysis and Alzheimer.
Mary Old Age Home, Washington (Oct. 2006- Sep. 2008)

Joined as a fresher in this reputed firm for gaining experience in the field and for being trained under the best of mentors. Was honored with the 'Best Fresher.' Designed 'Live-in' training modules too.

  • Post Graduation and Masters in Nursing from University of XYZ
  • Certificate in Child Health Care
  • Graduate in Arts
Senior Caregiver Resume Sample
Shasha Percy
68, Air Force Lines
Air Force Township
New York
Cell - 5555 555 555

Objective: To find employment in a house with elderly parents of a working couple.

Work Experience:
  • Served in the Military Nursing department for five years with the paraplegics. Helped them with movement exercises, physiotherapy.
  • Been a part of the Caregiver's Association, New York since 2005.
  • Worked as an assistant in CARE Old Age Home for six months and assisted them with their fitness exercises as well as closely monitored their medications administration and timings.
  • Worked as a baby-sitter for three years in four families and toilet-trained them along with teaching them the importance and ways of maintaining personal hygiene.
  • Masters in Health Care and Nursing from CBZ University.
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy
Extra Activities:
  • Been the vice-president of the Caregiver's Association, New York since a year and organize various seminars for freshers as well as experience holders.
  • Volunteer for the Air Force Caregivers' Group
Child Caregiver Resume Sample
Benjamin Raven
68, Naval Lines
Thunderstorm Township
New York
Cell - 5555 555 555

Objective: To find employment in a house with two or more children of working parents.

Work Experience:

New York Child Care, New York (2004 - 2008)
  • Was responsible for changing the bed linens of the boys and girls wards and taking care of them during sickness for a year.
  • Worked as the Chief Caregiver for the next one year and planned modules for newcomers.
Paul Family, New York City (2002 - 2004)
Worked as a nanny as well as the caregiver for all the children of the family and lent a helping hand to the Paul couple who were child specialists themselves. Cooked for the kids and ensured their study hour is maintained.

Extra Activities: Love to learn and read updates of the new techniques of health care and physiotherapy treatments. Actively participate in the music therapy seminars held by reputed firms. I also enjoy being with children a lot and teach them good values by using the story-telling method.
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