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Caregiver Cover Letter Sample

Correct Format and Appropriate Sample for Caregiver Cover Letter

A cover letter is an important document in the job application process. In this article we have provided a sample cover letter for a caregiver.
Hemangi Harankhedkar
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
A caregiver generally takes care of children or older people, or people with disabilities, and helps them perform their routine tasks. To become one, no hard and fast qualifications are required, and anyone interested can become one. It is a full-time job, and the person works in shifts throughout the day. Considering the amount of work a caregiver does, the money the person makes is very less. This job thus interests only those who love to serve others. If you have the desire to become one, you also need to have the knowledge of writing important documents like a resume and cover letter. In this article we are going to discuss the cover letter sample for a caregiver.

A cover letter is an important document that is usually written by a candidate applying for a job. They are a basic means of communication between a recruiter and a candidate. Through a cover letter, the candidate conveys his/her interest in any job position. The resume is also enclosed with a cover, and thus you need not incorporate the resume details in the cover letter. The points given below on writing a cover letter, should help you more.

Writing a Cover Letter

Format of the Letter: The cover letter is a formal document and thus follows the format of a formal letter. Take a look at the template below for more help.

(Candidate Name)
(Complete Address)
(Ph. no)
(Email Address)


(Name of the organization)

Salutation: Salutation is the means of addressing/greeting the recipient of the letter. If the recipient is known to the letter writer, the general convention for salutation is Dear. Mr./Ms./Mrs. (Name of the recipient), and if the addressee is not known, to whomsoever it may concern is used as the salutation.

Subject: This is a one line description of the content of the letter.

(-------Content of the letter-------)

Valediction: Valediction comes at the end of letter and is a means to end the communication. The convention used for valediction is sincerely or faithfully.

Content of the Letter: The language of the letter should be formal and preferably, short sentences should be used for structuring the sentences. The letter should not be too lengthy and only the relevant details should be written. Through the cover letter, the candidate usually conveys his/her interest for any post, to the recruiter. Thus the content of the letter should be based on this idea. Take a look at the sample below for more help.

Rachel Smith,
C-11, Halfway Street,
Ph no.: 123-233-123
Email Id:


The Hiring Manager
St. Helena's Old Age Home
Mangrove Street

Subject: Application for the post of a caregiver.

To whomsoever it my concern

This letter is in reference to your advertisement posted in the job section of the Deccan Sun dated ____(Date), about the opening of the post of a caregiver. I am very excited about this job opening as I always wanted to be a part of your organization that has wholeheartedly been serving the elderly since the past few years.

I love caring and helping people, and I have actively participated and volunteered in many care giving programs during my schooling years. I sincerely believe that this job will give me immense job satisfaction, as I truly love caring for people.

As far as my qualifications are concerned, I have completed my Bachelor's in Home science from Colorado State University, and also have knowledge of various first aid and health care techniques.

If given a chance to work, I will surely prove myself through my work. Thanking you and hoping for the best.


(Rachel Smith.)

Encl.: Resume.

Hopefully, you found the letter format and the letter sample useful. Before drafting the letter it should be well read for any minor mistakes. All the best!