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7 Careers that People with ENTJ Personality Type should Avoid

7 Careers that People with ENTJ Personality Type should Avoid
People with the ENTJ personality are generally known to be charismatic, powerful leaders. This CareerStint article enlists 7 careers that people with this personality type should avoid.
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Did You Know?
ENTJ is also known as 'The Executive', 'The Field Marshal', or 'The CEO'. They are dynamic visionaries and have high standards for everything, and they leave little room for error.

ENTJ is one of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types. These people are renowned to be born with outstanding intellect. They are strong and authoritative, and prefer career paths where they can demonstrate this authority. According to known sources, statistics depict that it is one of those rare personality types which has a very minute dominance of the female counterpart. These people form approximately 2% of the general population, and only 1% of the female crowd. In case of ENTJs, their strengths and weaknesses may sometimes overlap, and making a wise career decision might get difficult. Here we give you some careers that people of the ENTJ personality type should avoid.
An Overview
  • The ENTJ personality type stands for Extraverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, and Judging.
  • With this kind of a dynamic combination, it is no wonder that such people are born leaders.
  • The extroverted quality indicates that they are outgoing in every possible way - consequently, they can be great social animals and open to solving problems quickly and efficiently.
  • They are intuitive, which means that they internally take things through an intuition, but their execution of the same is rational and logical.
  • They are brilliant, capable individuals, and keep thinking constantly, wanting to brainstorm better solutions, uproot greater challenges, and what's more, they expect an equal reciprocation.
  • They can be judgmental; this is one of their problems, as they expect their own perfection to be mirrored on every other person.
  • Most of the time, they refuse to view things from a perspective that is not their own, and for this reason, they may appear dominant, uncaring, and intimidating as well.
  • Their logical approach to things gives out the wrong signals that they are insensitive, but truth be told, they care in a different way.
Personality Traits

Some of the important ENTJ personality traits are given below.
  • Great Communication Skills
  • Highly Energetic
  • Brilliant Leadership Qualities
  • Truthful and Honest
  • Excellent Decision-making Capabilities
  • Highly Competent
  • Highly Judgmental
  • Very Authoritative
  • Harsh Critics
  • Reluctance to accept other's suggestions
  • Superior Attitude
  • Less Patience

Careers to Avoid

Clerical Employee

  • A clerical employee is required to perform mountains of paperwork.
  • He is to conform to a set of fixed rules and be under someone's authority.
  • Technically, the job is repetitive and involves no creativity or challenges.
  • This kind of a job and the surrounding atmosphere can be stifling for an ENTJ.
  • Given the lack of innovation and monotony, this career path is a strict no-no for them.


  • An ENTJ is used to thinking rationally and has little patience with emotions.
  • That said, one should certainly not presume that such people do not care, it is false. They do care, but in a different way.
  • However, they cannot function very well in a health care environment.
  • It is a different matter that nurses and doctors have to be professional and not get personally involved with patients, but still, a bit of extra sensitivity is an add-on for nursing.
  • A nurse's job is also conformed to a strict schedule of repeated tasks, and they cannot take decisions themselves.
  • This makes an ENTJ, an unhappy camper.
  • This however, does not mean that they cannot be good health care professionals, all it indicates is that they would function better in other fields than this one.


  • A policeman or an inspector's job is also monotonous, and requires one to pay extra attention to repeated details.
  • This attitude bores an ENTJ more quickly than you can imagine.
  • Again, this is not the kind where you are allowed to use your brains to face great challenges (of course you are at crime scenes, but a certain monotony does form over a period).
  • Reporting to the higher authority may irritate an ENTJ even further.
  • They would rather visualize themselves as detectives and face greater challenges.


  • Arguably, this is one of the worst careers for an ENTJ.
  • You need to be highly compassionate and religious to be a priest or a nun.
  • Again, it does not mean that an ENTJ is an atheist or does not have religious beliefs, it is just that they have little patience with such careers.
  • Their criticizing and judgmental attitude is totally uncalled-for in this profession.
  • Also, theology has never been a subject of interest for these people, so this career path is definitely out of the race.

Fashion Designer

  • With logic and rationality dominating their head, you would hardly expect an ENTJ (at least a male) not to growl when this career path is suggested for them.
  • They are certainly not the kind to care about what kind of shoes and bags to carry at work.
  • That does not mean that they are shabbily dressed; the dressing sense can be immaculate, except that they are way too focused on work and other things to concentrate on this trivial issue.
  • Perhaps, a few females may choose this field, considering the innovation involved, but a majority would prefer avoiding this career path.

Social Worker

  • For the same reasons as a health care professional, a career in sociology is one of the worst choices for an ENTJ.
  • They are not interested in people, they are interested in how well they can use the people (or workforce) to achieve the desired targets.
  • Volunteering for NGOs, animal organizations, fundraisers, etc., is not something they would do out of interest (of course, when the need arises, they will help out, they are not inhuman), they would rather spend their spare time thinking of new strategies, calculating incomes, etc.

Child Psychologist

  • As a psychology expert, one needs to be very patient and step into everyone's shoes in order to understand the situation.
  • Both these traits are the weaknesses of an ENTJ.
  • They have little patience to resolve the mysteries of the mind and talk sweetly to children to understand their problems.
  • They have an opinion of their own and will most likely refuse to listen to the counter-argument.
  • Also, this profession requires one to be more caring and affectionate rather than logical, and this is particularly difficult for an ENTJ, given their liking for technicality.

ENTJs fit perfectly into the corporate world, due to their quickness in grasping concepts and eagerness to face newer and tougher challenges. However, they need to learn not to bluntly criticize their subordinates as well as learn to be a little more patient (even though it is against their personality). A little practice on this front will make them well-adjusted, sharp individuals who can contribute a lot to the society.
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