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5 Careers That People With ENFP Personality Type Should Avoid

5 Careers That People With ENFP Personality Type Should Avoid
People with the ENFP personality do not like monotony, which is why they should stay away from fields that are not very creative. This CareerStint write-up presents a list of 5 careers that people with ENFP personality type should avoid.
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Did You Know?
While selecting a career, the challenges that an ENFP faces is not related to their talent or ability, it is that fact that there are way too many options for them to choose from.

ENFP stands for 'Extraversion', 'Intuition', 'Feeling', and 'Perceiving'. Psychology experts vouch that people with the ENFP personality type are an extremely rare mixture of creativity and analytical skills. They are caring and innovative, yet they can be diplomatic in some ways. This amalgamation helps them choose a variety of creative careers.
However, like all personality types, they have some qualities that tend to become their bĂȘtes noires as well. Making a correct career choice can be very difficult for them, because if they cannot enjoy their work, they cannot enjoy anything else in life. In the following paragraphs, you will come across some of the worst careers for ENFP personalities.
Prominent ENFP Traits
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good analytical skills
  • Caring and affectionate
  • Highly interactive
  • Extremely creative
  • Very enthusiastic and engaging
  • Loyal and dedicated
  • Inspirational
  • Perceptive
  • Optimistic
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Over enthusiastic (at times)
  • Unrealistic
  • Extreme perfection
  • Dislike of conflict
  • Cannot take criticism very well
  • Easily bored
  • Dislike monotony
  • Hate to be controlled
  • Cannot handle mundane tasks
  • Unable to be stern with others
  • Cannot absorb technical aspects very quickly
Careers That ENFPs Must Avoid

A career must be chosen based on your strengths. Those jobs that bring your weakness to the fore and tend to irritate you or make you lose your self-esteem are the ones that you must avoid. Considering this fact, ENFPs must avoid careers that highlight their weaknesses. This will include the jobs that are monotonous and repetitive, or those that require the person to work under someone's directions. Some of the avoidable careers are:

  • The name is sufficient to indicate that this field requires you work under strict directives and orders.
  • For that matter, this situation may exist even in the service industry; however, the hierarchy of control and the decorum followed in both fields is vastly different.
  • Even in the military, there are ranks, like Lieutenant, Corporal, Major, Captain, Colonel, etc. However, each one of them is under direct control of someone at a higher rank and, as mentioned, the level of authority is very high.
  • Being in the army itself (or for that matter, the naval and air force) requires you to follow a regimented, rigid schedule.
  • This is next to impossible for ENFPs. They would hate it, because they loathe being under someone's constant supervision and control.
  • Their extreme dislike of criticism, lack of ability to efficiently report to a higher authority (in some cases), make them the most unlikely candidates for the military field.

Hardware Engineer

  • It is to be remembered that every field has a few technical as well as creative aspects to it. It is the technical aspect that ENFPs dislike.
  • Research has proven that the ENFPs who fall under the 'Investigative' and 'Realistic' theme prefer working with machines; however, even here, it is the analytical and designing phase, which they enjoy the most.
  • This goes to prove that even though such people have it in them to become good engineers, they may or may not be the best.
  • More so, ENFPs tend to ignore the hard sciences; instead, they focus on the easier ones.
  • Their weakness is that not many of them are able to grasp the technical know-how very efficiently.
  • Hence, making a career as a computer hardware engineer or something similar can be a very bad choice for an ENFP.

Investment Banker

  • As mentioned above, monotony is a trait that ENFPs dislike.
  • They easily get bored, and repetition in a job can set their tempers soaring, even though they are, by nature, calm and composed.
  • They loathe being tied to a single place, or having to do the same job over and over again.
  • This indicates that jobs concerning the banking and insurance sector are a complete no-no for them.
  • Do not interpret this the wrong way, this does not indicate that they cannot be good bankers.
  • As mentioned earlier, every job has its creative side as well.
  • There are certain roles and jobs in the banking sector that involve innovative thinking, traveling, sales, etc. These can certainly be a good choice for them.
  • However, eventually, these jobs involve a certain amount of repetition and lesser creativity, and ENFPs do not find them challenging.
  • Hence becoming investment bankers is not a very sound career choice.

Corporate Attorney

  • A corporate attorney provides legal advice to huge corporations as well as smaller firms.
  • While arguing a case in court can be challenging, going over corporate documents and attestations can be extremely boring for an ENFP.
  • Again, a lawyer's job involves interacting with people. Since someone's life can depend on an attorney's advice or decision, a caring attitude is essential as well, and both these are the strong traits of an ENFP.
  • However, there are various types of attorneys in the legal system, like that of a corporate attorney, and their job does not involve as much creativity or people-to-people interaction.
  • Therefore, this career should be strictly avoided.

Cold Calling

  • Cold calling is a part of a sales process that involves contacting prospective clients.
  • One would think that this involves interaction with people, and hence, would be an interesting choice for ENFPs; however, it is not so.
  • This is because cold calling sales involve a repetitive job profile - calling customers (repeatedly, if I might add), establishing connections through telephone or the internet, and continuing the process of telemarketing.
  • Again, this does not mean that cold callers have a boring job. The work requires a lot of patience and good communication skills.
  • But, for ENFPs, the communication skills and customer interaction seem to be a notch higher than what is required for this job. Consequently, they will find the work boring after a while, and their interest may deviate, resulting in poor job performance. Hence, they should not opt for this kind of career.

Suitable careers for ENFPs include the ones in the artistic domain. The above list is a generalized opinion, based on thorough research. These jobs may not provide complete satisfaction to ENFPs, hence they must be avoided. The reason for this is that if such individuals do not get their creative juices flowing, they can get miserable. Not only this, they may tend to lose their confidence as well. Remember though, that this does not, under any circumstance, indicate that ENFPs may not be able to handle such jobs. If the person makes a genuine effort, he may excel very well in the field; however, if his nature does not permit him to do so, his career may be doomed. Hence, it is better to avoid such jobs and take up those that give the person happiness.