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Careers that Pay Over 100k a Year

Careers that Pay Over 100k a Year

Careers that pay over 100k a year are desired by everyone, but only a few percent of people can opt for them. Almost all of us work our whole lives and still can't get a 6 figure paycheck, but there are some careers which offer high salaries from the start. Let's have a look at what they are...
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Yes, there are careers that pay over 100k a year, and while some of them do require a college degree, there are somewhere even a high school education is enough. If you want to make sure you get a job which pays you 100k a year, the first thing to do is to start planning for such jobs from the very beginning. Yes, education does play a very important role in getting you a good job with a good salary package, but big paychecks also depend on the skills and capabilities of individuals. Factors playing a major role in getting a higher salary are geographical location, the nature of your work and career prospects.

Jobs that Pay Over 100k a Year

It's not only corporates and IT guys that make all the money, there are many other jobs which pay more than $100,000 a year, but not many people have an idea about them. So if you want to know some of the best jobs that pay more than 100k in a single year, read ahead...

Commercial Airline Pilot
According to reports, pilots who work for commercial airlines earn more than $150,000 a year. The job of a pilot is highly adventurous and stressful as they are always traveling from one place to another. The starting salary of a pilot ranges from $65,000 to $70,000 and after some years of experience their salary reaches up to $150,000. If you are still in high school and you dream to be a pilot, then I would suggest you enlist in the Air Force, as many commercial pilots begin their career the same way.

Finance Manager
Finance managers are required in every type of organization, because every organization needs someone to maintain their accounts and keep a record of their expenses and earnings. Finance managers also help in cost cutting, viewing financial statements and setting up long term financial goals. To reach the post of a finance manager, you would need a Bachelor's Degree in Finance and Business Administration. A Master's Degree will surely make you more suitable for the job. You can start your career by joining a financial accounting firm, and then work your way up the ladder. A finance manager earns at least $120,000 or more depending on the company he/she is working for.

Ethical Hackers
It's because of ethical hackers that the Internet is a safer place for all of us. They use the same procedures as destructive hackers, but they do not harm other websites or email accounts on the web, nor do they send out harmful viruses or Trojans to other company websites. The main job of ethical hackers is to help other companies find faults in their websites and in their own cyber security systems. You can work on contractual basis or full-time for some company. As an ethical hacker, you can start your career with a package of $75,000 and gradually reach up to the $100,000 mark.

Physicians and Surgeons
Physicians and surgeons are the highest earning medical professionals in the health care sector. There's a constant demand for qualified surgeons and physicians in the US. To be a qualified surgeon and physician, you need to get your medical degree from an accredited medical school and later go for specialization. Surgeons and physicians work in hospitals, clinics or even do private practice. Their main job is to diagnose illnesses and find a cure for their patients. They also have to keep a track of their progress after the surgery. Surgeons and physicians earn more than $100,000 every year.

Careers that Pay Well

In today's age, knowing what you want to be at an early age ensures a good future. Here are some more options of great jobs that offer great salary after gaining a few years of experience.
  • Dentists ($100,730)
  • Senior Flight Instructor ($100,500)
  • CEO ($100,580)
  • Attorney ($180,000)
  • Software Engineer ($100,850)
  • Petroleum Engineer ($150,769)
Hope this article on careers that pay over 100k a year was an interesting read. With a good salary package, these jobs also give you job security which is also very important for the future. If you can come up with some more jobs that can give you a good salary package please leave your suggestions in the box.