Career Personality Test

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Career Personality Test

Students are often confused about the choice of career, and which one suits them best. The more the options, the more confusion it creates. If you find yourself in a similar situation, fret not, because this CareerStint post is intended to help you narrow down your career choices by giving a simple test that would gauge your temperament.

Desire! That’s the one secret of every man’s career. Not education. Not being born with hidden talents. Desire.
― Johnny Carson

No wonder, we start our job search considering our interests and likes, core competencies and knowledge. There is a difference between the field of academics you like, and the one in which you would excel. The same is also true in case of careers. And then we have this huge number of career options and suggestions, baffling us all the more. A career personality test is a small aptitude test that helps people to determine the career for which their personality is most suited.

Psychologists usually advocate that teenagers should take such tests. These tests can prove to be an effective guide to students about their higher education. These are also useful to students who have just completed their university level education, in order to help them decide the field in which to make a career. In some rare cases, kids also take such tests to identify natural talent, helping schools and parents to nurture them with very satisfying results.

Personality Test

Every person has a different temperament and aptitude, and is highly skilled in some or the other task. A particular job or a career is well-suited for a person of a specific temperament. The ancient Greeks classified the temperaments of people into four principle categories: Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic and Phlegmatic. These four temperaments suit certain types of careers and jobs. Thus, it is advisable to have an aptitude test and temperament test done simultaneously. In this article, we have listed out some questions that would gauge your temperament and provide you a set of most-suitable career options accordingly.

1. How would you describe yourself?

  • A. Sociable
  • B. Determined
  • C. Empathetic
  • D. Relaxed

2. You find it most difficult to …

  • A. Be among friends but not adding much to the conversation.
  • B. Converse with a sentimental person.
  • C. Work on a project devoid of deadlines.
  • D. Lead a team and tell people what to do.

3. When someone treats you unfairly, you …

  • A. Rant about it with your friends.
  • B. Confront the person.
  • C. Brood about it and get moody over it.
  • D. Are unaffected by it.

4. What are your greatest strengths?

  • A. Enthusiastic and demonstrative
  • B. Optimistic and independent
  • C. Idealistic and creative
  • D. Patient and easy-going

5. What are your greatest weaknesses?

  • A. Disorderly and ill-disciplined
  • B. Dominating and impatient
  • C. Skeptical and antsy
  • D. Indecisive and reserved

6. What do your friends comment about you?

  • A. You are the merry-maker.
  • B. You are the spearhead of your group.
  • C. You are a keen listener and harmonizer.
  • D. You are the most easy-going one.

7. Which of the following adjectives you’re mostly being addressed with?

  • A. Innovative
  • B. Goal-oriented
  • C. Perfectionist
  • D. Steady

8. The world will be a better place if people …

  • A. Maintain a child-like attitude.
  • B. Try using some common sense.
  • C. Take time out for appreciating the little things in life―beauty found in nature, people doing good deeds, etc.
  • D. Don’t fuss about trifles.

Your result will display here…

Knowing your personality will help you choose the right career opportunities. Besides, these are also helpful in developing skills and sharpening abilities. We wish you all the best for your career. Signing off with popular sayings, ‘There is nothing that is impossible.’ and ‘Do not expect results without efforts‘.

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