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Career Goal Examples for Resume

Career Goal Examples for Resume

A career objective states your ambition in one line. So to get it straight across to the reader, you need to pick the perfect words. Take a look at some career goal examples for resume and tips for how to write them well.
Mukta Gaikwad
A resume is a silent spokesperson. Hence, the words you pick to write your resume, the format you use to design it, the font and its size, quality of paper you print it out on and most importantly the career goal that introduces your resume, set a tone for the reader. A simple line, stating your career goal, must convey your seriousness towards your career. It gives the reader a glimpse of the candidate. Many a time the reader, will decide whether the company will be able to provide what the candidate is seeking for, on the basis of this one line. Additionally, in business where time is luxury, your resume has to speak on your behalf and in favor of your qualities and abilities, in order to make an indelible impression in the first few minutes.

List of Career Goals for Resume
  • I aim to be a teacher in your esteemed school to make maximum use of my experience in the field of education. I wish to be a part of a culture that believes in making thinkers for the future.
  • I am looking for a position of a sales executive manager, to make effective use of my good interaction abilities and industry contacts for the growth of the company.
  • With two decades of industrial experience, I wish to be a part of an organization that aims to grow and expand.
  • With my experience as a sales manager, I aim to be a part of a company that will allow me to perfect my skills and use them for increasing profitability and sales volume with a dynamic teamwork.
  • To obtain the position of a finance accountant where I can utilize my experience and contribute to the success of the company as well as continue to gain knowledge.
  • I seek the position of an electrical engineer where I will have the opportunity to contribute my knowledge in helping the company grow with my strengths and leadership abilities.
  • I wish to be a part of media organization, that encourages team work, imbibes the discipline of deadlines and inspires people through work.
  • To be a part of a company which offers positive atmosphere to learn new methods of working and apply the same for the development of business.
  • To work with a company that gives me an opportunity to work under a management of innovative and inspiring minds, which would groom my innate skills of creativity.
  • To work in an interactive organization, which gives me a chance to be a part of constructive workplace for communicating and dealing with customers on one-on-one basis.
Tips for Writing Career Goals

A career goal has to be written in a persuasive manner. The objective needs to be stated with a sense of practicality and originality. For instance, if you state, 'I wish to be the CEO of this company in the next five years', your ambitious goal might be perceived as an outright offense by the interviewer. Such statements are unrealistic and inappropriate. Thus, at an entry-level your goals needs to state, what you are looking for, what you intend to contribute and what you seek to learn from the opportunity.

However, if you hold few years of industrial experience, then you can have an more ambitious tone to objective statement. Words such as, building a team, changing the environment, increasing sales and expanding to new markets, can be used to make an impact on the senior level management.

For instance, 'I wish to use my skills in the best possible way for achieving the company's goals', is an appropriate statement to frame. As a senior level entrant you need to understand that, your career plans, are in tandem with your choice of profession, which you must have pursued for so long. A career is not a chance you take, but a conscious decision you make and see it through.

Career objective is a choice every aspirant makes, to achieve predetermined goals. Every job you do and every profession you take up offers you an experience, even if it doesn't get you closer to your career objective. Hope these career goal examples for resume and tips for writing them have given you an idea of how to make your CV look attractive.