Career Change Cover Letter Samples

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Career Change Cover Letter Samples

Making the shift from one career to another means convincing the recruiting company that you will be able to do a good job there, without much experience to talk of. This is where a career change cover letter comes in. It is a formal letter that justifies your skills and your willingness to work, which you can effectively use at your new job.

It isn’t rare for someone to feel the pull towards a new job that’s quite different from what he/she normally does. A lot of us choose a path of education and career for the sake of earning a better living and leading a better life. The current job may not always ensure job satisfaction, but changing career paths is a huge deal filled with a lot of uncertainty. If you’ve decided the need to change careers and have picked out the new one, the next step is to write a cover letter which details your wish to do the same.

Career Change

A lot of people start a career without knowing if that is the career they would like to follow for the rest of their lives. Choosing the right career can be tough when you are young. So before making that big change in your career, you need to get some counseling on how to choose the right one.

How the Cover Letter Should Be

You have to convince recruiting companies that, despite not having relevant experience in their industry, you feel that your individual skills and personal qualities can make you the right person for the job. So the cover letter involves writing down the skills which you feel will help you perform well in the job you are applying for. As with any job-hunting letters, you need to keep it simple while still succeeding to mention everything that you have to offer.

Sample Cover Letters

The first example is of a Mr. Jones, who is working in one company and feels that he can use his current experience in another field and company.

The Human Resources Manager,
ABC Corp.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am currently employed in the engineering division of TFSA Corp. I wish to apply for the job of Copywriter in your advertising company as you had posted the same on a job portal.

Although I have been working in the engineering department of the TFSA Corp. for over 5 years now, I believe that my interests and skills have always been more on the creative side. I have now completed a diploma in marketing and advertising, making me better qualified for the job.

Some of the key skills I possess, which I am convinced will be fruitful for the job include:

  • Communication Skills: Any job in advertising will involve excellent communication with the client companies and I most certainly feel that I am up for the challenge. I have always been very good at talking to people and feel that I can really use this skill very productively at the workplace.
  • Hard Work: The job of a copywriter will presumably involve several long days at work and a lot of sleepless nights, but being the success and achievement driven man that I am, I will revel in such a situation and will be the best candidate for the job.
  • Creativity: Unfortunately, there is really no way I can quantify this skill to you in a letter, but I am sure that when the opportunity presents itself, I will be able to do reasonably well.

So I would be delighted if you were to consider me for the post of a copywriter. I believe that I am the right man for the job.

Thanking you,
Mr. Jones.

Here, Mr. Smith is writing to the HR of his own company, asking to be shifted to a different department of the same company. A lot of companies might be tempted to offer their better employees a career change in their own company as hard-working and loyal employees can be quite rare. Such a situation is a win-win situation for both the company and the employee; the employee gets a career change and the company retains his talent.

The Human Resources Manager,
ABC Corp.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I, Mr. Smith, have been working in this organization for the past 10 years in the capacity of an accounts manager of the Soaps Division of this esteemed company.

But over the past few months, I have been re-evaluating my skill sets and my interests and I have come to believe that a job in the marketing division would suit me well. Here are some of the key skills I possess which I feel will help me do well in such a job.

  • Knowledge of the Product: Having worked in this company for 10 years, I believe I have extensive knowledge of the company, the way it works, its clients and the product itself which I feel will help me market the product better.
  • Communication Skills: Over the years I have always known that I have very good communication and networking skills. I also enjoy meeting new people and am very comfortable dealing with clients. So I believe I can use these hitherto untapped job skills in this career.
  • Qualifications: You will also see that I have done my master’s degree in both accounts and marketing fields. Over the years I have also kept myself up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of marketing. Hence I believe that I also have the know-how and sound knowledge of marketing principles which will help me perform well on the job.

Apart from these, I’m also a results-driven person, loyal to the company, energetic and eager to learn and my years in the company stand as a testimony to the above.

Hence, I would be delighted if you were to consider me for the post of marketing manager, recently vacated by Mr. Williams. I assure you that I am eager to make this shift in my career and hope that this company will give me the desired platform.

Thanking you,
Mr Smith.

An optimistic way to look at it would be calling it career growth, because you get to add it to your profile. And even if things don’t work out, you can still get a job according to your existing qualifications. So go ahead, take the leap, you might just be grateful that you did.

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