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Career Advice for People with ISFJ Personality Type

Career Advice for People with ISFJ Personality Type
People belonging to the ISFJ personality type are arguably one of the most loving, loyal, and considerate ones. CareerStint brings forth some career advice for people with ISFJ personality type.
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"These ISFJs derive a great deal of satisfaction from caring for others, and they offer their comfort gently and helpfully, quietly seeing to it that caretaking is scheduled to protect the health and welfare of those in need."
― David Keirsey, American psychologist

One of the renowned personality types, ISFJs are selfless and affectionate. They are touted to be one of those rare ones who prefer staying in their shell, but will need creative space at work. It can get very difficult for them to choose their career if they do not understand their own reactions to different situations. A list of ISFJ careers is given below in order to help them understand themselves and choose what is best.
A Background
  • INFJ stands for Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging.
  • They are more of introverts; they prefer socializing in small, intimate groups rather than a large crowd.
  • They are extremely loving, caring, and affectionate. Nurturing and helping others is their primary concern; they are never devoid of the softer emotions.
  • They act on their inner intuitions―they prefer making a decision based on their senses rather than the reality; however, they have a pragmatic approach to dealing with the situation.
  • The 'feeling' part indicates that they have strong emotional traits―many of their decisions are based on sentimental factors.
  • Negative vibes make them very judgmental and critical about others, though they are very focused, otherwise.
  • They have a strong sense of duty, and they are very responsible too. They take their jobs very seriously.
  • As lovers, friends, even parents, they are overly affectionate, as well as open and warm. They will stay put in their relationships and take every effort possible to work on it in the best way.
Personality Traits

  • Very warm and friendly and loyal
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Very practical approach in many situations
  • Extremely helpful
  • Highly creative
  • Service-oriented
  • Humble and down-to-earth
  • Excellent listeners
  • Very good organizing skills
  • Great dedication towards work
  • Inability to get out of a comfort zone
  • Do not care sufficiently about themselves
  • Do not react well to conflicts
  • Prefer to stay put even in a bad relationship
  • Can be very judgmental and critical at times
  • Get easily depressed when they feel they are being ignored
  • Unable to express their needs very clearly
  • Get very angry when pushed beyond endurance

Careers to Choose

Some of the preferred career choices for the ISFJ personality type are given below.
Interior Designing
  • It is one of the most common ISFJ career choices. Not just interior design, but any kind of career in designing will give them immense satisfaction.
  • They are very creative, and they love the aesthetics and beauty of material manifestation.
  • In fact, many of them prefer designing in order to express their feelings through creativity. Interior decoration is, thus, an ideal profession.
  • In fact, any creative career choice like writing, editing, graphic art, etc., is suitable for ISFJs.
  • It is, without doubt, one of the best career options for the ISFJ personality type.
  • ISFJs are kind, considerate, helpful, and selfless. To add to this, they are practical when dealing with many situations, and they can keep a cool head. These are some of the essential qualities needed for a career in healthcare.
  • The jobs may include nurses, nursing assists, physicians, dialysis technicians, doctors, specialists, surgeons, etc.
  • Their pragmatic approach combined with knowledge and kindness can work wonders for the medical fraternity.
  • ISFJs have a strong affinity towards religion.
  • They are very duty-oriented, and follow the stated laws and traditions faithfully.
  • In fact, they prefer staying cocooned in the existing belief system rather than challenging it, which makes them perfect candidates for any post in the religious field.
  • They can be clergymen, priests, or even religious workers.
  • They have a good sense of people's needs, and the sensitivity to wipe the tears of a suffering soul. They are the ones who come under the umbrella of servitude to humanity.
  • Surprisingly, it is also one of the preferred careers for an ISFJ personality type.
  • They are good at logic, and prefer taking a practical approach, rather than theoretical knowledge.
  • Moreover, they prefer being secure in their private space, quietly doing their work, without too many challenges.
  • While many personality types may find this stifling, ISFJs may revel in the same.
  • For this purpose, careers in banking and administration may work very well for them.
Careers to Avoid

Sales and Marketing
  • It is one of the main careers to avoid.
  • This is because it is one of those jobs that requires constant change of workplace, lot of socializing, plenty of challenges; in short, everything that an ISFJ is not suited for.
  • The jobs are also very demanding (not that an ISFJ cannot meet demands), and the deadlines may reduce their creativity levels.
  • ISFJs are very creative, but a career in photography is not something they would volunteer for.
  • Even if you have a personal studio, most photographers require to travel for different events, and the feeling of personal expression is lost in the demands of the job.
  • They are the kind who would dislike extreme monotony and extreme challenges. Photography for them is a combination of both; hence, it is a bad career choice.
  • For the same reasons as sales and marketing, a career as an insurance agent is not a good choice.
  • Insurance agents have to travel constantly, put on fake smiles, convince pesky clients, etc. This is not something an ISFJ would excel at.
  • If they want, they can put in their best and carve a career, certainly; however, it would ultimately lead to boredom and depression.
Mechanical Engineering
  • Even though the field of engineering has a lot to do with practical concepts and logic, a lot of it involve plenty of theory.
  • ISFJs dislike anything to do with theory; they consider it a chore.
  • Moreover, working with machines isn't exactly the forte of an ISFJ.
  • This job involves more of technical creativity, not the kind that gives an ISFJ the freedom of expression.
  • This career choice, therefore, should be strongly avoided.
While the above choices are based on surveys, a lot of it depends on the person himself. One has the creative liberty to choose what he wants to, based on a career analysis. Therefore, make sure you know yourself well before zeroing in on any of these choices.
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