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Career Advice for People With INTP Personality Type

Career Advice for People With INTP Personality Type
The INTP personality type closely resembles the INFP personality type, barring the issue of feelings and sentiments. CareerStint offers some career advice for people with INTP personality type.
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Did You Know?
INTPs are found very rarely, especially among the female population. According to reliable statistics, INTPs make up for 2% of women, 5% of men, and overall, 3% of the general population.

The sixteen personality types as classified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) have plenty of similarities and differences amongst themselves. INTP is one such personality type, and people belonging to this type are collectively called, 'the thinkers', probably due to their extraordinary thinking capabilities.
In terms of intuitions and perceptions, this type is almost similar to the INFP; however, it marks a noted change in one aspect―feelings. While INFPs are affectionate and take decisions based on emotions, INTPs are very logical and pragmatic in their approach. In the paragraphs below, you will find some career choices for the INTP personality.
An Overview
  • INTP stands for Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving.
  • They are brilliant thinkers and can carve out a logical world of their own.
  • Their philosophical take on certain matters combined with their innovative brains make them a fascinating, curious mixture of sorts.
  • They are very creative, ingenious, and have a practical approach to solving problems.
  • They are fairly introvert, and prefer following their own path rather than follow the crowd.
  • In fact, most of the time, you will find them passionately thinking about theoretical reasoning and analysis.
  • They are not very good leaders, but are not avid followers either.
  • They have little patience with emotional decision-making, and cannot reflect too much on personalized thought processes either.
  • They despise routines and monotonous lifestyles.
  • Though they are highly logical, they will not compromise on their ethics.

Personality Traits

  • Innovative thinkers
  • Excellent inventors
  • Logical decision makers
  • Enthusiastic
  • Highly imaginative
  • Honest

  • Highly withdrawn
  • Lack of empathy
  • Despise following rules
  • Lack of social networking
  • Forgetful
  • Lack of patience

Preferred Careers

  • It is one of the most suitable fields for INTPs.
  • Since they love to think, invent and innovate, designing a product can give them creative satisfaction.
  • Be it the fields of mechanics, automobile, construction, software, electronics, etc., as long as it involves logic and understanding, it is ideal for them.
  • INTPs love to discuss complicated diagrams and theories, think about problems and their corresponding solutions, and use extensive logic to arrive at a conclusion.
  • Thus, they will make excellent engineers and analysts.

  • Even though they are introverts, INTPs can have a great career in law.
  • This is because they find a solution to every problem using core logic, which is essential in legal matters.
  • In fact, more than a lawyers or attorney, the job of a private investigator may be best-suited for an INTP.
  • They love to carefully join the missing pieces of the puzzle, work their way towards finding solutions, interpret codes and calculations, etc.

  • It is one of the best careers for an INTP individual.
  • INTPs are highly creative and withdrawn as well.
  • For them, pen and the paper is the best media of communication.
  • Since they have no patience with emotions, with logic clouding the right side of their brains, they are touted to be insensitive and indifferent towards other people's feelings.
  • This can be excellent ground for them to express what they think and feel.
  • In fact, they can write on a score of topics, even technical ones, since they are so fond of the related subjects.

  • For the same reasons as mentioned above, INTPs can turn out to be excellent researchers.
  • Research requires a well-trained, rational, analytical mind, which is exactly what INTPs possess.
  • They can integrate old technology and material with fascinating new-age technology.
  • They are capable of combining existing theory with observations to invent new concepts.
  • They are very particular about expressing facts accurately, this makes them one of the best candidates for research-oriented jobs.

Careers to Avoid

  • This is one job that an INTP should most certainly avoid.
  • Telemarketing requires an individual to be talkative, charming, and engaging. An INTP is not equipped with any of these qualities, at least not as proficient as needed.
  • They would loathe having to talk to customers all day, selling products, and doing work that does not involve a lot of logic.
  • They are also introverts, hence even if they do pursue a career in this field, they will talk only what is necessary, that too in a bland, 'let's-get-it-over-with' way, which can be disastrous for the business. Thus, they should avoid this career altogether.

  • Experts vouch that shrewd, diplomatic INTPs can be successful entrepreneurs; however, their personality traits indicate that they are not very well-suited for business.
  • Careers in business require one to be highly social and talkative, this does not go along with what an INTP desires.
  • In order to be successful in business, one has to constantly talk to people, share and sell ideas and concepts, learn to market oneself; but INTPs hate talking without having to share a scientific concept, they hate socializing, and most of all, they hate marketing and advertising themselves. Thus, making them unsuitable for a career in management.
  • Another reason for their unsuitability is that INTPs do not prefer to manage or head a group, they are not a 'people's person' as rightly put.
  • A manager's foremost responsibility is to ensure that his/her team is being guided in the right direction and if that leadership quality is absent, it makes no sense to pursue a managerial job or career.

  • This is one of first and foremost careers for INTPs to avoid.
  • Addressing a gathering, giving emotional speeches, etc., is sheer torture for an INTP.
  • Their temperament is not suited for the life of a politician, which involves constantly traveling from one place to another, approving projects rather than doing it themselves, or interacting with the voters and addressing their concerns.

  • For an INTP, a clerical career can seem like a death sentence.
  • They hate routine, monotonous, repetitive tasks.
  • A job like this would throttle their creativity entirely.
  • Moreover, such jobs involve little to no thinking when the job involves machines or automated processes.
  • Try to get an INTP to work on a job like this, and the results will be disastrous.
Remember that the above choices are merely suggestions based on the personality traits and other observations. If a person is willing to do something earnestly, he will carry out almost any task effortlessly. However, it is also true that every person has his own characteristics, and choosing a career that best matches his skills and interests will always be advisable.
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