Cardiologist Salary Range

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Cardiologist Salary Range

It will be heartening for medical aspirants to discover that cardiologist profession ranks at the top in the medical field, when it comes to salaries. Nevertheless, the dedication, patience, and tremendous efforts required to succeed in this field outweigh the hefty salaries these professionals earn. To know more about cardiologist salary range, continue reading this CareerStint article.

According to a survey by Merritt Hawkins, cardiologists specializing in non-invasive cardiology earn an average of $420,000 a year. Those practicing invasive cardiology earn an average of $532,000 a year.

The drastic rise in the number of heart attacks and cases related to heart diseases in the United States has created the demand for skilled cardiologists. It is undoubtedly one of the most challenging and lucrative career options for medical students. For all the effort that is required, here’s a look into the salary, cardiologists are capable of earning.

Salary Range

The earning potential of a cardiologist primarily depends on the type of specialty that the cardiologist has chosen. Non-invasive cardiology is a branch of medicine that involves use of external tests to detect and treat heart diseases. Invasive cardiology involves insertion of instruments into the body to detect and treat heart diseases. Interventional cardiology refers to various non-surgical procedures for treating cardiovascular diseases. It involves treating heart diseases through catheter-based procedures, such as angioplasty and stenting.

  • According to salary dot com, the median annual salary for non-invasive cardiologists is $355,281 as of February 2015.
  • For invasive cardiologists, it was $384,667 as of February 2015.
  • Interventional cardiologists are the highest paid cardiologists as the technical expertise required for this field is of higher level than the other cardiologists. Experienced cardiologists earn up to USD 600,000 or even more annually.
  • Self-employed cardiologists may earn more than the employed cardiologists.
  • Cardiac surgeons are the highest earning heart specialists. Some of them are earning as high as $700,000 per year.

Given below is the median salary for invasive cardiologists.

Work Experience Median Annual Salary in USD
0 to 5 years 262,000
5 to 10 years 291,000
10 to 20 years 357,000
More than 20 years 308,000

Apart from the salary, they get tips, bonus, profit share, etc.

Where Can Cardiologists Work?

Years of education followed by several years of practice equip cardiologists with skills that are required in several fields. Cardiologists have a large number of options to choose from, once they complete their studies and residency.

  • Mostly cardiologists consider private practice and are self employed, while some are recruited in government health clinics.
  • A fraction of cardiologists are also recruited in the US military.
  • Many cardiologists also work in hospitals on hourly, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Majority of cardiologists work in the research departments of elite institutions.
  • Teaching and lectureship in medical colleges as guest or full-time lecturers are also considered by them.

As we have read above, there are several sources of income for the cardiologists, and it all depends on the work experience, interests, and skills of the medical practitioner. Though the cardiologist average salary is good enough to pursue it as a career, the journey to be a cardiologist requires a lot of dedication and education. Firstly, as a student you will be required to go through a pre-medical program followed by four years of medical training. Thereafter, you are expected to get three years of residential training, and finally two or three years fellowship in the subject you are specializing. Also, you have to discuss the issue of education loan with your parents as going to a medical school is very expensive. You can try to compete for scholarships, but remember the seats for such scholarships are limited, and the competition is intense. For the first few years of your profession, major fraction of your salaries will go in repaying the education loan, which is a reality of our economic system.

Career as a cardiologist is surely a rewarding one, and the career development path is phenomenal. Whether it’s the question of salary range for a cardiologist or the growth opportunities, the field of cardiology has a lot to offer! So, if you have the craving to keep learning and exploring new facets of the human heart, cardiology can be the best option for you. All the best!!

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