How to Write a Business Analyst Cover Letter

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How to Write a Business Analyst Cover Letter

The following article provides an elaborate set of instructions, which can be used to write a really good cover letter, while applying for the post of a business analyst.

BAs are experts in making an overall assessment and analysis of businesses and organizations. What is the best way to write a really good cover letter? Well, first of all, you need to assess what the employer wants from you as an employee; in this case, a business analyst (BA). The most important thing that you will need to depict throughout the cover letter is fulfilling the requirements of the potential employer.

About the Field

The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) defines business analysis as ‘a liaison’ within stakeholders that suggests improvements, tabs profitability, and promotes the organization to achieve goals. The term, though used most commonly in software and business dealings of IT companies, has a global and universal standing.

It is basically a totally independent and evolving discipline, where BAs of said companies tend to make a thorough, and from the perspective of finance, a well-projected analysis of a certain organization’s planning, business status, business model, process, profit and loss, assets, and liabilities.

BAs, therefore, tend to have a work profile, which is comparable, or is quite similar to financial analysts. However, apart from just dealing with the financial aspects of an organization, several different technological aspects are also covered by them. Their specialty is that they are capable of deriving arithmetically, the profitability and the rate or returns of the organization that they analyze.

They come in handy in several situations, right from deciding investment destinations, to taking over contracts and collaborations with other businesses. Business analysis is thus, a completely different discipline and profession, which does not have one specific qualification. There are several places and organizations where analysts are needed, right from the software industry, to financial industry, and also for in-house analysis. Essentially, the field is enormous and vast. There are, however, some educational institutes and bodies, which provide a membership and academic qualifications for BAs. A standard resume is quite versatile, and encompasses several qualifications.

Format and Contents of the Cover Letter

Following are some of the facts that need to be explicitly stated in the letter. These facts, when mentioned, tend to provide the reader with great insights into your work, education, and prior experience.

  • Firstly, you need to start off with your overall expertise, and the field of business in which you have worked. You will need to back it up with certain years of experience and related academic qualifications.
  • Next, you can start off with your educational qualifications and some related academic achievements.
  • The next paragraphs would carry all your work experience and also some significant achievements of your past work.
  • Further, talk about some of your own qualities that contribute to the quality of work that you execute, after which you can sign off.

Remember, putting down all these facts in an appropriate and fluent sequence tends to work wonders. The reader, no doubt, would be impressed by the format, but will also tend to take the letter and the profile seriously. A cover letter is basically a letter that ‘covers’, or summaries, or enlists the details of the documents thus enclosed.


Here is a fictitious letter written by a BA to a financial institute for a senior position. Let’s take a look …

Address of the institute

Human Resource Department,
Megathron Finance

Re: Employment news stating the vacancy of HOD (Business Analysts and Development Department)

Dear Sir,

This package is a response to the advertisement stating the vacancy of HOD. I have 10 years of working experience in different financial companies. To be precise, I have worked as an analyst for a software development company, which is engaged in programming financial software. I have also worked in an audit firm and two consultancy firms. Apart from that, I also have experience in working with several financial institutions.

I completed Master of Arts in Economics and Statistics, after which I served as the Operations Research and Analyst for the Marines during a short commission of 2 years. After that, I enrolled in the CFA institute, completing the certification in 2 years. After gaining the certification, I joined XYZ Inc., a company associated with the financial software designs, at the post of Interim Business Analyst. Following a year of extensive research, I became a member of the IIBA association.

At ABC Audit, which is a prominent audit firm, I worked as the chief of financial software operations. Lastly, I have worked at PQR Inc., an investment consultancy, as an investment analyst.

I hope that my educational qualifications and work experience qualify for your requirements and expectations. Copies of all academic qualifications and my experience letter have been furnished. I would also gladly furnish you with further references upon demand.

Yours faithfully,


Now, there are often internal and external business analysts, who are engaged in determining profitability and productivity. Do not hesitate to list out experiences related to audit and consultancy; it always does boost up your chances.

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