Brain Surgeon Salary

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Brain Surgeon Salary

The brain surgeon salary range largely depends on the level of skill, expertise, and experience of the medical professional…

Being a part of the health care industry, a medical job as a brain surgeon is no doubt one of the most remunerative ones. Before knowing the salary range, let us understand the duties and responsibilities of a brain surgeon.

Many people have a misconception that a brain surgeon only treats and works on aspects of the brain. However, the fact is that this medical doctor looks after all problems related to different parts which have their role in proper functioning of the brain. He is a medical professional who is responsible for treating complications relating to the human body’s nervous system. The medical name for a brain surgeon is neurosurgeon.

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities largely depend on the type and complication of the operation to be performed. Along with the health issues of the brain, a neurosurgeon also has to play an important role in treating the complications of the nervous system as a whole, which includes the spinal cord and nerves as well. A brain surgeon treats tumors present in the patient’s brain, or performs a surgery for a spinal cord injury. He is well-versed in performing craniotomies to treat brain hemorrhages. Along with surgeries of the nervous system, some surgeons have their careers devoted to research in the field of neurology. Some are hired to impart lectures in medical colleges and universities too.

Counseling a patient regarding what are the possibilities of brain damage and how it can be prevented is also part of the duties. In order to determine the complexity of the problem and the extent and type of surgery, a neurosurgeon recommends various medical tests to a patient. Since brain surgery or any operation on a part of the nervous system is considered to be the most complicated, the neurosurgeon may have to spend a whole day just working on the operation and completing all the necessary related procedures.

Salary Range

The salary depends on a variety of factors such as the skill, experience, type of employment facility, and the state. If a neurosurgeon is working in a hospital, he can get an annual pay ranging from $151,000 to $462,000. If working for a non-profit organization, the salary ranges from $297,000 to even $584,000 per annum. Self-employed neurosurgeons may earn a yearly pay of approximately $197,000 to $534,000. Those employed for academic or research purposes can get an annual salary of about $198,000 to $414,000.

Coming to the experience-wise distribution of the salary range, inexperienced neurosurgeons or those with less than a year’s experience can get an annual pay ranging from $62,000 to $252,000. Those with one to four years of work experience are eligible to get a salary of around $101,000 to $401,000 per annum. If you have 0-5 years of experience, there are chances that you would receive a yearly remuneration of $123,000 to $420,000. According to research, the highest pay can go up to $550,000 per year.

This was some important information on brain surgeon salary range and job responsibilities. The above mentioned are estimated figures of the neurosurgeon average salary, and are subject to change over time. There are many other factors that can bring a variation in the salary, most prominent ones being the state and city of employment.

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