Botanist Salary

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Botanist Salary

The annual salary of a botanist can range anywhere from $45,000 to $85,000. It depends mainly on the organization, location of the job, and field experience of the professional.

Botany is a branch of biology that has greatly developed since early humans started studying plants for their medicinal and nutritional value. A person who scientifically studies plant life for a living, is known as a botanist. His job may involve extensive field work, at times in remote locations, and may also include a lot of laboratory work. To get into this profession, you need to have a great deal of fascination for plant life, and an innate interest in biology. A few other qualities that you might need are good data collection skills, and an acumen for data interpretation.

Qualification and Job Description

For an entry-level job as a botanist, you will at least need a Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences. There are colleges which offer bachelor and master programs with sub specializations in sectors like horticulture, plant pathology, agronomy, forestry, etc. Students can also upgrade their education with a doctorate, and take up teaching jobs in universities.

These professionals are mostly hired by federal or state governments, teaching institutions, museums, etc., to undertake different work profiles. Their work can vary from studying a small algae specie and plant DNA, to working on a whole ecosystem. In laboratory work places, they could be required to study plant samples, plant cells, and work on finding their medicinal or nutritional values. On the field, they would have to study the plant’s natural environment, its life cycle, and the effects of different climatic conditions on its growth.

Average Salary

The salary of such professionals is quite remunerative; people having experience are known to earn upwards of $100,000. Although, the percentage of professionals earning this amount is as low as 10 percent. Almost 50 percent of salaries range between the figures of $45,000 and $85,000. Some entry-level jobs pay as much as $45,000 annually, for inexperienced candidates. Educational institutes also offer a good avenue for employment as professors, with salaries around $85,000. Research positions mostly open for post doctoral students, and have a higher remuneration. Experienced candidates in the research field are known to earn upwards of $95,000 annually.

Position Salary in USD
Research Technicians 37,000
Forensic Technician 43,000
Marine Botanist 40,000
High School Teacher 48,000
College Professor 85,000

When you consider earning ranges according to different states, there are some variations. According to statistics, professionals with experience earn more in metropolitan areas than in rural settings. Here are state wise estimated salaries for these professionals.

State Salary in USD
New York 90,000
California 80,000
North Carolina 75,000
Texas 74,000
Michigan 70,000
Alaska 63,000

The average salary in this field is quite similar to other biological science fields, such as zoology and ornithology. People with a liking for plant life and evolution, must consider this profession as a career option.

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