Biomedical Technician Salary

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Biomedical Technician Salary

This article has some useful information about the salary range of a biomedical technician, the job description and the educational qualifications required. Read on to know more…

Biomedical technicians are the professionals who are well trained in the operation and the maintenance of the biomedical machinery, which is widely used in the hospitals and also in the laboratories. They accurately detect any sort of defect in the equipment and correct it instantly. Their job is mainly of helping the scientists working in laboratories on various research projects. This is one of the best hospital jobs which has provided employment to many young professionals. The job prospects are believed to become bright and very promising with the years to come, due to the increasing demand for their skills in the job market.

Job Description

They are specialists in the operation and repair of the complex medical equipment, such as machines for the procedure of dialysis, imaging machines, defibrillators, etc. They teach the hospital staff such as the nurses, how to handle and use the medical equipment. They maintain detailed records of the condition of all the medical equipment and note down the problems in their functioning if any. They send back the faulty machines to the makers of the equipment and inform them what the problem exactly is. Apart from maintaining and testing the equipment in the hospitals and the laboratories, biomedical technicians also carry out the tasks of modifying and calibrating them. Many of these technicians report their work to the biomedical engineers. Testing new equipment, detecting the problems in the old equipment, giving orders for the parts which are necessary for making the machines work properly, resembling of machines and devices are some other job responsibilities. Another challenge is to ensure the safety and security of the devices and machines in the hospitals to avoid any kind of accidents. They are known to conduct frequent safety and quality checks for this very reason.

Educational Requirements

Students with a keen interest in science and mechanics can pursue a career as a biomedical technician. The training is imparted by several colleges after completing high school. However, in your high school, you should ideally take subjects like mathematics, science subjects like physics, and electronics, English language, computers, machine drawing etc. The preparation made in the high school will build a strong foundation for your further training and will help you to grasp the concepts and subject matter fast. After clearing an examination, you will get a certificate from The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, which will help you achieve the desired level in this career. You can become a Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician by earning a certificate from the United States Certification Commission.

Salary Details

The income depends largely on the skills, educational qualifications, the location of work and the number of years of experience. Those who have passed out from reputed institutes can command a much better salary and perks. As per the various salary surveys, the starting average salary is around USD 32,000 per year. However, with a few years of experience, the salary can cross the USD 40,000 per year mark. The median salary for professionals with around seven years of experience is around USD 50,000 per year. With more than ten years of quality experience, the salary can be in excess of USD 60,000 per year. The average earnings for those working in Utah is around USD 56000 per year, while that for California and Washington is around USD 50,000 per year.

From the job description, we conclude that this is an interesting field to make a successful career. The career development path for biomedical technicians is growing steadily. With the growing demand, those who work sincerely are bound to succeed in the years to come.

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