Best Weekend Jobs

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Best Weekend Jobs

If you have time to spare over the weekend and need to make some extra cash, then you should consider getting weekend jobs. Prepare a good resume with relevant experience and approach some of the local business to look for employment.

Don’t you think, investing few hours on weekends and making some extra cash out of it is a good idea? There are a lot of options at your disposal that will suit your needs, all you have to do is search a little harder. I had a friend who used to assist an amateur magician over the weekend and she used to make good money. Although this job may not be for everyone, there are other options that you could explore.

This is one of the part-time jobs that you could get in metro cities like New York, as cab companies will lease their vehicles for 12 hour shifts. You need a driving license and a good knowledge of the city streets if you want to get into this profession. Try to find out which cab companies in your area allow you to do this or contact cab drivers who will loan their vehicles to you over the weekend.

Salary: Average weekend salary of a cabbie is $16 to $19 per hour. The salary may vary with respect to the place and government standards. Usually salary is 20% hiked on the weekends.

If you have knowledge about the rules and regulations of sports like basketball, baseball, etc. then you could make some extra cash by refereeing on weekend games. This is a great job as you get to be involved with sports activities and work in high adrenalin work conditions. If you don’t have knowledge you can easily educate yourself on the rules of games popular in your area to find employment.

Salary: Salary of a referee may vary according to the game, relevant experience and the level of game they are officiating. On an average the salary may vary from $40 to $80 per game. If you have experience with state or national level teams, the salary can be more than $500 per match.

It is one of the most popular professions of all time with people seeking temporary employment with good wages. You can register with a local agency which will get you work over the weekend or become an entrepreneur and work for yourself. If you are planning to get into this profession you will require an innate ability to work with kids. Depending on your location, there is a lot of money in this profession.

Salary: The salary may depend upon the age and number of kids who need to be taken care of. Average salary of a babysitter is around $10-$15 per hour.

Clubs see an overwhelming number of people visiting their establishments over the weekend and therefore hire extra staff just for the weekend to cater to their needs. If you have some experience as a bartender, finding employment won’t be difficult. Just look for advertisements in the local newspapers or directly contact a few popular bars in your area.

Salary: The salary of a bartender may vary from city to city. Average salary of a bartender on weekends may be $15 to $25 per hour including tips. On weekends there are a lot of chances of getting higher tips.

Nursing Aide
There is a lot of opportunity for people willing to work weekends as a nurses aide, and care of the ill and elderly. The job satisfaction in this profession is high as you get to help needy people. You will most likely have to care for the physically challenged or senior adults suffering from different medical conditions. Contact nursing agencies in your area or look for vacancy ads in your local newspaper.

Salary: Nursing job may have a lot of slots for salary as it may depend upon your specialization, experience, city, kind of work and lot of other things. On an average a person can earn $26 to $30 per hour. If you are a registered nurse then the salary may go higher.

★ Waiter
The restaurant industry is one of the best places to look for temporary employment and some places really offer a good pay packet. You can work as a waiter over the weekend and you don’t need any special qualifications for this job. Restaurants experience good business over the weekend and are always on a look out for waiters. You will just have to be physically fit to handle this job, look for employment in neighborhood which has a concentration of good restaurants.

Salary: Location matter a lot in this kind of job. In big cities the wages as well as tips a higher than the other cities. Similarly in the weekend and in the meal hours the wages per hour increases. On an average you can earn $12 to $15 per hour including tip. However the tip may vary.

One of the best weekend jobs is in the retail industry with the pay being good and you also get an opportunity to earn commission in most places. Malls, toy stores get a large volume of customers over the weekend and the management hires additional help to better deal with this rush. If you have sales experience and good interpersonal skills you will excel in this position as it requires customer interaction.

Salary: Average salary in a retail sector is $10 to $14 per hour. The salary may vary depending upon the job and the age of the person. As there are various posts in this kind of jobs, a person according to his qualification and ability can get a better job and a higher earning.

People with good physical attributes can also make substantial amount of money working as a security personnel over the weekend. Prepare your resume and send it across to agencies who deal in manpower supply. You can get information about these agencies over the Internet or just by talking to people already working as security personnel, you don’t necessarily have to know them to get information. You may be subjected to background checks in this line of work and may also have to undergo a drug test.

Salary: A job of a security guard is challenging and full of responsibilities. An average salary of a security guard is around $9 to $12 per hour. But if you have experience and a good reputation then you can earn more than $19 per hour. So you can say that in this job your experience plays a very important role.

Some of the other places that you could try for good weekend jobs are working as a caddie on a golf course, delivering pizza or working in a fast food joint. You can also go through advertisements in the local newspaper for some other weekend job ideas.

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