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Best Paying Careers for Men

Best Paying Careers for Men
If a high salary is your prime motive behind selecting a career, then the list given in this article of the best paying careers for men is something that will be of interest to you. Have a look...
Aastha Dogra
The health care industry is not only recession-proof, but has the most lucrative jobs along with the highest need of trained professionals among any industry.
Most career opportunities will be generated in five sectors of the economy―health care, information technology, education, business and finance, and media. So, if job security is your criteria of selection, look for jobs in these sectors. Market research also points out that most of the jobs in these sectors will be high paying too.

To get a better understanding of the best careers for men which are the most lucrative, have a look at the following section, which lists the best jobs around, along with the median salary and job description for each.
20 Best Paying Jobs for Men
The job of an anesthesiologist is basically to comfort and manage pain by means of appropriate administration of anesthesia. His duties span before, during, and immediately after a surgical procedure. Before a surgery, he meets with patients so as to study their medical history and explain to them the procedure. During the surgery, he administers anesthesia and monitors the vital signs of the patient. Post-surgery, he may be involved in pain management, if required. Anesthesiologists also work as researchers and lecturers in various institutions.
Surgeons are medical professionals who treat injuries, abnormalities, and injuries by means of invasive medical procedures. Again, they are involved in treatment before, during, and after surgery. The most popular types of surgeons are orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, cardiologists, otolaryngologists, etc. All these are specialists in their own fields, though there are also general surgeons who perform different types of surgeries as and when required by their patients.
Orthodontists are involved in the treatment of teeth and jaw irregularities. They control and modify facial growth basically for aesthetic and functional reasons. They work with tools such as teeth molds, retainers, and headgear, mainly for better alignment of the teeth, which leads to better appearance and functionality of the patient. Their job also includes designing and fabricating appliances needed for specific procedures on patients. Orthodontists have in-depth knowledge of dentistry, and are experts with advanced technological tools that aid their type of work.
Sports Physicians
Sports Physician
Sports physicians treat problems related to the muscles and skeleton that occur as a result of sports injuries. Their main task is the get the athlete back into optimum performance level. The most common issues that they have to deal with are knee and shoulder injuries, ankle sprains, head injuries, tendonitis, and all kinds of fractures. They also advice athletes on how to lead a healthy lifestyles through supplements, diet plans, and exercise regimens.
Radiologists are medical experts who diagnose diseases and injuries through means of comprehensive digital images obtained by X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. They are not involved directly with the patients, and consult with physicians and surgeons for further course of treatment required for the patients. They are different from radio technologists, who simply carry out the imaging procedure on the patients.
Dermatologists are skin specialists, who help prevent, diagnose, and treat problems related to the skin. The common conditions that they treat are acne, hair loss, dandruff, skin discoloration, skin cancer, skin aging, nail problems, etc. They perform surgeries to get rid of legions, warts, moles, and cancer cells. An important part of their job is advising patients on preventive and corrective measures related to skin problems. Many dermatologists specialize in hair loss, chronic acne, and other cosmetic issues that patients face.
Psychiatrists are trained medical experts who deal in the practice of psychiatry. They specialize in the treatment of mental disorders and prescribe medications in order to treat various psychological disorders. In simple words, they are involved in taking care of the mental health of patients. A large part of their job profile involves the counseling of patients. They main aim is to diagnose, prevent, and treat disorders of the mind.
Chief Executive Officers
Chief Executive Officer
A Chief Executive Office (CEO) is the head of the company, and acts as a link between the Board of Directors and the company's management. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company, so as to meet the organization's short-term and long-term goals. He needs to be a good decision-maker, motivator, and manager, and execute the company's plans, leading to the overall development of the organization.
Pediatricians are medical experts who deal with the health of infants, children, and teenagers. They provide treatment from birth to early teenage years, and sometimes can even be seen working alongside physicians and surgeons on specific cases as and when required. They treat diseases and injuries that affects children, and are even involved in the immunization processes. There are may pediatricians who are also specialized surgeons.
Petroleum Engineers
Petroleum Engineer
Petroleum engineers are experts who are in charge of the evaluation, development, and production of oil and gas fields. Mostly, they work closely with geologists on deciding the procedure to be used for a new site, and design the equipment that is to be used. They also oversee installation procedures and the overall optimum working of an oil and gas site. They continuously analyze data, monitor production, collect samples, and modify the tools being used so as to maximize profits. They are also responsible for the safety of equipment and staff.
Lawyers represent clients, be it individuals, companies, or organizations, in civil, criminal, and other legal proceedings in a court of law. Besides these tasks, they need to do a lot of case-specific research, gather important evidence, analyze legal documents, and interview clients and witnesses, other than in the courtroom. Lawyers are usually specialized in specific fields, such as divorce, criminal, bankruptcy, corporate, and so on.
Architects are the designers of all kinds of structures, from buildings, to bridges, hotels, stadiums, etc. One can either work for the government, own his own company that specializes in architecture, or work for a big corporate in the business. They are involved in preparation of the design, acquiring permissions, tender processing, and overall planning. They are also involved in the day-to-day activities on the site. Architects not only design new complexes, but are also required for the renovation of old structures.
Information Systems Managers
Information System Technology
Information systems managers are responsible for the overall computer systems of an organization. Their job starts right from purchasing, and extends to installation, upgrades, and IT support within the company. They also need to manage the database, and are an important part of a company's strategic planning and policy making. All this they do by leading a team of administrators, programmers, and technicians.
Marketing Managers
Marketing Manager
The job of a marketing manager is very diverse. He needs to identify target markets, study competitors, monitor market trends, devise ways to improve the company's products/services, and explore new marketing strategies. In short, he needs to do all that it takes to improve the sales and profit of the company. He needs to be a good leader, communicator, and motivator, besides being creative and able to perform well under pressure.
Financial Managers
Financial Manager
In today's world, most companies require qualified financial managers. These professionals develop strategies and plans related to financial procedures, direct investments, direct budget processes, and prepare numerous financial reports for the company. They provide valuable financial consultancy to the management and stakeholders regarding the finances of the organization. They also play a big role is taxation, mergers, and acquisitions.
Air Traffic Controllers
Air Traffic Controller
Air traffic controllers monitor air traffic using various navigation and surveillance tools in order to ensure the safety of airplanes and their passengers. There are many aspects to this profession, which is why there are specialized professionals, such as tower controllers, radar controllers, en route controllers, etc. Ideally, they assist pilots with takeoff and landing, and navigation for around 50 miles away from the airport. They are responsible for clearance, and work towards minimizing delays and maximizing efficiency of the runway and airspace.
Security Managers
Security Manager
The main job of security managers is to maintain a secure environment for their clients. They need to enforce security policies around a facility, and supervise the force that is safeguarding the security of a premises. They implement rules, regulations, and norms, so as to ensure maximum security of their clients, employees, and visitors. These professionals can work for corporates, VVIPs, secure facilities, and the like.
Nuclear Engineers
Nuclear Engineer
Nuclear engineers are responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining all the systems that are related to nuclear fission and fusion. They are involved in every step, right from installation to disposal of waste. They monitor all operations at the nuclear plant, perform experiments, collect and analyze data, and develop all infrastructure so as to optimize working of the plant. Overall, they are accountable for the safe and productive running of nuclear installations.
Aerospace Engineers
Aerospace Engineer
Aerospace engineers, also known as aeronautical engineers, are involved in researching, planning, designing, developing, testing, and maintaining aircraft, weapons, space vehicles, and satellites. They mainly focus on improving efficiency, reducing costs, implementing technological advancements, and other measures, so as to increase the viability and safety of any project under their jurisdiction. These professionals also need to be involved in the making of reports, and presentations that need to be given to the company and clients.
Celebrity Agents
Celebrity Agent
Celebrity agents promote the careers of the celebrities that they work for, be it a sportsperson or an actor. These professionals usually have a lot of connections in the industry that they work for. They use these connections to promote their clients, with the aim of getting them more work and remaining active in the public eye. They act as a liaison between actors/sportspersons and casting directors, studios, production companies, ad agencies, sponsors, teams, team managers, coaches, etc. They also provide vital advice to their clients with regards to the shaping of their careers.
All salaries mentioned are median salaries, and will vary according to experience, location, and type of organization.
Although these great careers for men are from different industries, yet, one thing is common to all of them. Firstly, a person needs years of education to enter these fields. Secondly, the rise in salary is almost always proportional to the number of years of work experience. So, only if you are prepared to put in your time and effort, you should think of making a career in any of these fields.
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