Best Paid Professions

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Best Paid Professions

The economic recession has completely turned around the job market. Today, irrespective of the country, there are five sectors which are providing most of the highest-paying career opportunities―education, information technology, healthcare, media and communication, and business and finance.

A few years ago, corporate jobs were the most sought after in America. However, now, people not only look for jobs which are well-paying, but also those which offer stability and safety in terms of employment. That’s why, the focus has shifted more towards medical and technical jobs, from the business and finance jobs in the corporate sector.

Well-paying Professions Average Yearly Salary
Anesthesiologists $195,000
Air Traffic Controllers $110,000
Chief Executive Officers $160,000
Dentists $155,000
Engineering Managers $120,000
Financial Managers & Experts $110,000
General Practitioners $160,000
Information Systems & Computer Managers $120,000
Internists $175,000
Lawyers $125,000
Marketing Managers $120,000
Natural Sciences Managers $125,000
Orthodontists $195,000
Obstetrician & Gynecologists $195,000
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons $190,000
Prosthodontists $170,000
Physicians $165,000
Psychiatrists $155,000
Pediatricians $155,000
Podiatrists $125,000
Pilots $120,000
Petroleum Engineers $120,000
Specialist Dentists $140,000
Surgeons $205,000
Sales Managers $110,000

According to researches in the American job market, the healthcare sector, including the medical field, will generate majority of the jobs in the future. The salaries of most of the medical and healthcare professionals will be at their peak. As compared to the availability of trained professionals, the number of job openings will be much more.

Best Paid Medical Professions Average Yearly Salary
Anesthesiologist $315,000
Cardiologist (Non-invasive) $320,000
Cardiologist (Invasive) $315,000
Diagnostic Radiologist $310,000
Gynecologist $290,000
General Surgeon $325,000
Hospital Administrator $385,000
Neurosurgeon $480,000
Neonatologist $315,000
Otolaryngologist $295,000
Orthopedic Surgeon $355,000
Perinatologist $395,000
Therapeutic Radiologist $305,000
Top Surgeon $490,000
Urologist $300,000

The job scenario in the UK is not much different from America. Government, medical jobs, and legal jobs, which are traditionally considered safe and recession-proof, are the most sought after today. They offer much better pay packages and stability, as compared to the jobs in the corporate sector.

Best-paying Jobs in the UK Average Yearly Salary
Air Traffic Controllers £60,000 ($100,000)
Brokers £60,000 ($100,000)
Chief Executive Officers & Directors £115,000 ($190,000)
Financial Managers, Financial Experts & Chartered Secretaries £60,000 ($100,000)
Information Technology Professionals £50,000 ($85,000)
Legal Professionals like Solicitors, Judges, Lawyers & Coroners £50,000 ($85,000)
Medical Practitioners £80,000 ($135,000)
Police Officers £55,000 ($90,000)
Senior Officials of the National Government £70,000 ($115,000)
Senior Officials in Local Government £55,000 ($90,000)

Disclaimer: Salaries are approximate, and will vary according to location, experience, and type of employment.

Majority of the jobs mentioned require you to attend college, get a degree as well as years of experience. So, if you are serious about entering any of these lucrative careers, start planning today.

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