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Best Entry-Level Jobs

Best Entry-Level Jobs
Some jobs cater well enough right at the entry-level. The article below enlists some of the best entry-level jobs.
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A recession period often leads a zillion changes in the job market scenario. Big shot managers may be fired, to say nothing of freshers. Speaking of freshers, there are certain jobs in different fields that have great potential right from the entry-level position. These designations help you absorb all the knowledge about the field, get sufficiently trained under experts, and rise up the corporate ladder rather quickly. The paragraphs below list down some of the best entry-level jobs that there are.
Ideal Fresher Jobs for Graduates
Software Developers
The job of a junior software developer can be one of the best jobs for beginners. These professionals get to work on live projects, which adds to their experience and skills. Thereafter, they can try to become senior software developers or project managers as per their skills. The salaries for entry-level software developers in reputed companies are better than many other fields. An entry-level software developer can make anything between USD 40,000 to USD 60,000 per year depending on his job location.
Network Administrators
Network administrators can get employment in the software industry as well as other fields as per their educational background. Initially, they may be assistants in large offices; with time, they will have carved out their individual responsibilities. Network administrators can earn around USD 50,000 per year in the initial stages of their career.
Sales Executive
The job of a sales executive can be one of the best entry-level sales jobs. Young marketing graduates and post graduates can try to get this job as it can help them become sales managers and senior executives later on with sufficient experience. A career in the field of sales can be financially rewarding and help you to achieve your career goals. Sales executives can expect to earn anything between USD 30,000 and USD 50,000 per year.
Finance Executive
According to many experts, the best entry-level finance jobs would be that of finance executives. Finance executives can secure employment in stock broking companies, life and health insurance firms, and investment banks. They can get to know of the world of finance very closely, and this experience helps in achieving many career goals in this field. The salaries for finance executives are quite attractive for those passing out of top business schools. Initially, they can get paid anything between USD 65,000 to USD 90,000 per year.
The job of an economist is also one of the best entry-level jobs due to the great chances of career growth ahead. Economists can get jobs in the government sector apart from the private sector and hence they can also be called the best entry-level government jobs. In order to get these jobs, what you need is a graduation degree in the field of economics from a renowned institute or university. Entry-level salaries for economists can range between USD 50,000 to USD 65,000 per year.
Retail Store-In-charge
For all those wishing to make a career in the retail industry, getting the job of a store-in-charge can be the first step. While doing this particular job, you will get to know of the basics of retailing. Then, you can get better advancement opportunities and promotions to become floor manager, senior manager, and the general manager.
Assistant Professor
An assistant professor's job could be a great launch pad for you for a career in the academic sector. All candidates having a doctorate in their field of study can try to become assistant professors. This is a relatively more stable field and almost recession proof. An entry-level professor an earn around USD 70,000 to USD 85,000 per year.
These were some of the best jobs for beginners that can help you build a solid career and earn well. Good luck with your career!