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Best Entry-level Government Jobs

Best Entry-level Government Jobs
Government jobs have always been the most coveted ones for people having degrees from reputed institutes. There are jobs not just for the experienced professionals, but also for freshmen in the government sector.
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Over the years, the number of candidates entering government jobs have increased to a great extent. There are many reasons for the same and understanding these reasons is essential for all job seekers. The points of distinction between government and private sector jobs should be clear and hence, before we move on to the best entry-level government jobs, let us first discuss this comparison below.
Government Sector Jobs vs. Private Sector Jobs
The debate on whether one should accept a government job or a private sector job is a very old one. If you consult any career planner or adviser on this, then you will find that they will lay more preference on the fundamentals and business model of the company and chances of advancement in terms of promotions and salary hikes and not thinking on the lines of government job or private job. This could probably be the best approach. One should find out whether he/she shall achieve his career goals by being with a particular organization. Many people believe that there is more stability of job and income in the government sector than the private sector. This was revealed mainly during the economic crisis when thousands of people in the private sectors lost their jobs due to a failed economy. The government sector is believed to be insulated from such financial crisis. Finally, the candidate should take the decision after considering all these factors himself.
Ideal Government Jobs
Fire Fighting Personnel
These professionals protect human life and property by preventing and extinguishing fire on time. Sure, the job is full of risks and dangers, but for those people who are adventurous and wish to help people in difficulty, it would indeed be a great opportunity. A high school diploma and courses in fire fighting can help get the best jobs in the field. The salary for a typical firefighter can be in the range of $21 to $24 per hour depending on their skills set, experience and place of job.
Auditing and Accounting Professionals
Auditing and accounting professionals are also required in large numbers in the government sector. Accountants can get jobs in most government sectors as all companies need to keep up their books of accounts. These experts are also required to prepare financial reports which would be useful for people to judge the financial performance of the firm over the years. A degree in the field of commerce, accounts or economics would help candidates get the entry-level jobs. Accountants in the government sector can expect salaries upwards of $28 per hour.
All kinds of engineers such as electrical engineers, civil engineers, software engineers, telecommunication engineers and mechanical engineers are required in the government sector to increase the efficiency of units and companies. Entry-level candidates can get positions like junior engineer or assistant engineer. Qualifications for these jobs at most places are bachelor's or master's degree in engineering from a renowned university. However, the salaries have become very attractive over the years to keep good talent in the government sector. Engineers can expect to earn over $50 per hour if their performance and skills are up to the mark.
Security Personnel and Police Force
It is a well-known fact that the government needs security forces and police officers regularly to maintain law and order in a city or state. Security people may be deployed in any region of the country where there is any kind of instability or tension. They play a crucial role in bringing back peace in the locality by taking strict action against anti-social elements. For this position, you need to be a graduate from a reputed school have a consistent academic record. You also need to clear physical fitness and other entrance tests like general knowledge, numerical ability and logical thinking. A good personal interview after these stages can land you a job as a police officer. The salaries for them are around $25 per hour.
The jobs given above would be tough to get due to the large number of candidates applying for them. You can stand out with good academic record and high level of professionalism and dedication. A government job can help you live a safe and secured life free from tensions and enjoy a great lifestyle with added benefits like perks, housing assistance and insurance. So, go ahead and grab these opportunities. All the best!