Best Cities for Jobs 2018

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Best Cities for Jobs 2018

Some of the best cities of 2018, where the chances of you grabbing a dream job are the most!

The beginning of the year is the best time to look for a job because this is the time when most companies and organizations are extremely enthusiastic about hiring new employees.

Many companies expand their business or start their new projects at the beginning of the year and have certain goals to achieve and for this they require new professionals who are generally ready to put in their best into the new job.

But not all companies situated in all cities are that eager about hiring freshmen or experienced professionals. That is the reason many research companies conduct surveys and study the job market. Some research studies have been conducted to learn which are some of the best cities for work in 2018 and this article will provide you with the resultant details of those studies.

So learn which are the best cities to work in 2018 and extend your job search to the cities in question.

Top Cities for Jobs 2018


Old Building Roseland Chicago

Chicago is well known for having industries like manufacturing of automotives, energy, chemicals, and information technology.

The contribution of industries such as biotechnology, health-care, food and business services is also significant, in making Chicago the number 1 city for job seekers.

There is always a demand for qualified professionals in various industries. Presently, there is a huge demand of work-force in Chicago and it is only going to increase as the year proceeds.

Washington D.C.

Ellensburg Washington

According to a significant number of research studies, Washington D.C. is one of the best cities to work in and hunt for jobs in the new financial year. With an ever-increasing number of small and large companies, the job opportunities in the city are also increasing.

The federal government remains the largest employer, but non-profit organizations, contractors, consulting firms, think tanks, educational institutes, the tourism industry, and the military are also good options.


Dallas Texas Usa

Dallas holds the reputation of having headquarters of some of the most reputed and popular companies across the world. Some of them are, Cisco, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Rockwell Collins and Texas Instruments.

Communication, engineering, automobiles, and construction are some of the industries which have captured most of the market in Dallas. However, the scope for clothing and food industries in Dallas is also tremendous.


Atlanta Skyine

Atlanta is flooded with industries such as manufacturing, IT, logistics, music, entertainment, and life science. Agriculture-based business, art and tourism also has great demand.

Atlanta had a wide variety of industries and is definitely a very tempting option for job seekers. The city of Atlanta has access to a global market. Atlanta is referred to as the commerce hub and holds the headquarters of 20 Fortune 500 companies.


Panorama City Skyscrapers Of Seattle Of Washington

It is one the best cities for young professionals in 2018 as it has some of the most exciting industries flourishing there and most business houses are looking out for creative and hardworking professionals.

According to market research studies, information technology, life services, gaming, international trade, and health care services will see a significant growth in the city economy. So you stand a good chance of getting employed in this city.


Minneapolis Skyline

Hospitality, education, health services, financial and business services, manufacturing, mining and construction are some of the primary industries located in Minneapolis city.

Some of the most popular firms of the health-care sector such as Mayo Clinic, Allina Health, Fairview Health Services, and 3M are located in Minneapolis. State of Minnesota, U.S. Government and Target Corp. are in the list of top employers for hiring the most number of employees.


The booming industries in Baltimore are health-care, bio-science, IT, defense, financial services, and professional and technical services. Baltimore is also popular for construction and mining, manufacturing, trade, and education.

All these sectors provide tremendous opportunities to job seekers in varied fields. Northrop Grumman Corp. and Johns Hopkins Medicine top the list of largest employers.


Detroit Skyline

Detroit is known as the automotive capital of the world and this sector offers jobs ranging from manufacturing to after sales servicing of automobiles.

Advanced manufacturing, life science and IT also have good scope in the city. Trade, finance and tourism are some other domains which offer decent employment in Detroit city.

San Jose

San Jose California

The shipping industry offers employment to a large number of people in the city of San Jose. Construction, manufacturing and IT are among the most promising industries located in San Jose.

Cisco, IBM, and Hitachi are among the list of top employers in the city. There is a good scope for finding employment in fields like aerospace, energy, and service industries.

St. Louis

There are tremendous growth prospects for job seekers looking for jobs in manufacturing, mining logistics, and shipping. The field of electronics and telecommunication is spreading slowly, but steadily.

The health-care sector also offers decent opportunities to qualified job seekers. Mining provides employment to the highest number of people in the city of St. Louis.

Other cities that researchers predict are going to be great to hunt for jobs in include Columbus, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Kansas City. So go on ahead and look for exciting jobs in these cities and have a great career ahead. All the best!

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