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A Must-read for Solitude Seekers! Best Careers for Introverts

Best Careers for Introverts
Are you an introvert who is looking for a career choice that suits your personality? Do you feel that the economy offers jobs that only look for people who can work in teams, have leadership qualities, be good at communication skills, and so on? If you think that there are no suitable jobs for introvert personalities, let me tell you that you are so very wrong! Remember that you are gifted and that there are careers that will lead you to happiness and success.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2018
Before we discuss the best careers for introverts, let us know more about introverts themselves. Many of us don't even know if we are introverts or extroverts. Introverts are 'known to be' people who are shy and like to be alone. Whereas, extroverts are known to be the people who are outspoken and friendly.
At times we find ourselves struggling in both these types of personalities. It is advisable to take a personality test to make it clear to yourself about the category that you fall into. There are many personality tests which are available online. The most famous and popular one would be the Myers-Brigg Personality test. You will find a lot of free trial versions on the internet, but it is recommended to buy the full pack. It is a little more heavy on the pocket, but totally worth it. So, once you have taken the test and know yourself to be an introvert, this is what I have to say as your career adviser!

What I loved about 'Summer' was that they were these four bright kids with a wonderful future. In a way, she was the one with the brains, and then you have the beauty queen and the jock and the introvert. - Kevin Williamson

I believe that everyone in this world is meant to be happy and successful in life, and the only reason why one is not happy, is because of making the wrong choices in life! People always tend to make choices by considering the trend which the society follows. The thought to go 'out-of-the-way' is always curbed by thinking about what others will think of us when they come to know that we are 'different'. The fear and insecurity forces us to be what we actually, are not. What we need to realize is that there is a reason why God made us like this, correct? The pioneers responsible for inventing revolutionary ideas were also different from the rest of the world. Take Albert Einstein for instance, he falls under the category of 'famous Introverts ever'! He always remained in his own world, followed his heart, and never cared about what others had to say about him, and all this because he believed in what he was doing, he believed in himself! The key to success in life is to believe in what you are doing, and most importantly, believe in yourself. I know it's difficult as the society tends to consider introverts as 'anti-social', and always needs a chance to pick on them. Listening to the terms like geek, weirdo, loser, snob, isn't encouraging at all and makes one feel like an alien from another planet, which in turn makes one feel miserable about themselves. But then you have two choices to make; either keep feeling miserable and sorry for yourself and try to be what you are not, just to please the society that never understood you; or, thank God for making you special, and learn to identify and acknowledge your potentials that will help you in deciding your place in this world.
The six categories-investigative enterprising conventional artistic social realistic
Aspects of Job Satisfaction for Introverts
When thinking of the best careers possible for an introvert personality, I remember the words of the famous psychologist, Carl Jung, Introverts psychic energy flows outward, gained from solitude. I so admire this strength of introverts. Solitude allows you to observe things in a more in-depth way as compared to when you're in a crowd or when you are 'more of an extrovert'. There is a very famous book named "200 Best Jobs For Introverts" by the editors @ Jist and Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D. The authors of this book have categorized introvert personalities into six categories, which was developed by John Holland and used in the Self-Directed Search (SDS). Go through these categories and find out which one would give you the job satisfaction that you are looking for. The categories are as follows:

Realistic: Introverts which fall under this category are good at jobs which have a realistic approach in life. They love to work with natural elements that involve flora and fauna. They like working with elements like wood, metal tools, and machines.

Investigative: The investigative type introvert can go for jobs that require extreme thinking, and works for finding facts and figures based on the thinking attributes that he/she possess. Introverts definitely have the patience and the steadiness to do such kind of jobs because they gain energy from solitude and hence their mind is always searching for more.

Artistic: Introverts tend to be very artistic because they know how to value the beauty of life and not just take things for granted. Therefore, an art career is one of the best careers for introverts. Artistically, they can contribute to jobs that involve working with forms, designs, and patterns, creating new ideas or any such work that can be done without following a clear set of rules and regulations.

Social: This category might startle you as to why introverts who are known to have anti-social persona, would want to do a social job? I don't think introverts are anti-social. They just take time to open up and fit in. They don't mind sharing their ideas and thoughts, all they mind is the judgmental and fault-finding eyes surrounding them. The society never gives different ideas or people a chance, they (people with new ideas) need to fight and prove themselves all the time. I think jobs that involve working with people, communicating, and teaching people, will not only be challenging for introverts but if they remove the fear of judgment by others and have the power to convince and put their point forward, they can change the negative mindset and make this world a positive and better place to live in!

Enterprising: Introverts possess various strengths such as focus, patience, and getting work done in a timely manner. All these strengths minus the fear of criticism and comments, can make them very good at jobs that involve starting up and carrying out projects. This may require leading people, making decisions, risk taking, and often dealing with businesses.

Conventional: If you are the introvert who doesn't like to be a part of a huge group and initiate projects, if you don't like people to interfere in your work, then conventional jobs can be a good option because they involve following a set procedure and routines. It mainly includes working with data and details that are already set, unlike ideas that need to be approved!
Top Careers for Introverts
The best way to convey the words that you cannot speak out loud, is to pen them down. A writer has the power to reach out to many, without imposing anyone to read his thoughts. Only those readers who connect to you will be your clients. If you are among those who have a lot to tell the world but hesitate in doing so, just start penning down your thoughts and who knows, you just might be surprised to know that you connect with so many people across the globe through your writing skills.
Steve Martin, the famous and talented actor/writer, is known to be an introvert himself. But you can't make that out when you see him on-screen, especially as The Pink Panther, can you? There are so many things that we hesitate to do 'being ourselves', but, when we are into someone else's skin, we don't mind doing them. Choosing acting as your profession would give you the freedom to play various roles and doing things which you would never do yourself, unless you are in your character.
Introverts tend to speak less, not because they want to, but because they don't get a chance to. Hence, they look for other means to express themselves, means like writing, painting, sculpting, etc. If you don't want to do all of this but have an 'eye for the art', then you can become an exhibitionist.
As I mentioned earlier, any art form that gives you a freedom to express your inner self, is worth choosing as a career. If you prefer to sing instead of saying, and dance to show how you feel, then what are you waiting for? Go and follow your heart.
The healthcare sector offers the most top rated careers for introverts among others. This includes career options like pharmacists, technologist, health information technicians, doctors, nutritionist, and so on.
If you are the one who doesn't like interference of team work and is happy with doing the job all by yourself in your cabin, with focus and solitude, then, accounting is a good option. Jobs like financial accounting, book-keeping, analysts can be done alone, following the set guidelines and procedures, and not having to interact with others.
Solitude gives the strength of observing and finding detail solution to situations, therefore, another career option would be becoming a consultant, the kind, totally depends on your personal interests.
Animal Keeper/Instructor/Veterinarian/Zoologist
Many of us prefer the company of animals instead of people. I am an animal lover myself and I know the amount of happiness and relief you get when you pat and cuddle them. Animals are there with you unconditionally, they don't judge you, condemn you, or criticize you. If you are an animal lover, then jobs that involve animals is a good option to consider.
Research and Development
If you like observing things and like to go into the extreme depths of a certain topic, then research and development jobs can prove to be worth going for.
The best thing about teaching jobs is that you have a set schedule to follow everyday and teach as per scheduled. If you think teaching is something you want to do, go for it! Most of the teachers that I have known are introverts by nature. That is why, whatever they speak, holds a meaning. A good teacher isn't the one who teaches through elaborating a lot, it is the one that explains with a meaningful sense.
Architecture/Landscape Architecture/Interior Designer
If you are fascinated with good interiors and have the creativity factor in you, then you can go for these career options. Landscape architecture is something that will give you an opportunity to create your own masterpiece using nature. After all, an introvert personality is the one whose actions speak louder than words.
After going through the aforementioned career options, if you still feel that you just don't fit into any of these career options, then why don't you be your own boss and start something from home. One of my very good friend is an introvert. She tried working in companies but she just couldn't fit in. She always had a passion for cooking. She is really good at making chocolates and cakes and now she is doing it professionally! You think you have some talent that you can turn into a career? Why not give it a serious career-oriented thought?

You don't actually need to look for options when it comes to making a career. All you need to do is gather the strength to show the world what you are, and realize your natural potentials. Everyone has a talent, and so do you. All you need to do, is to identify it in yourself. How do you expect the world to acknowledge something that you yourself don't? And if you are one of those who think that your talent is lost in the race of meeting the demands and pleasing the society, take a deep breath and think again. When you get a gift, and stop using it, does the gift go away? No, it always stays with you and it's up to you if you want to use it, or waste it. The choice is yours to make. Remember, always take a job that fits your interest and not your qualifications. Take my example for instance, I did my masters in commerce, but I am following my interest and working as a writer. Hope that this article helps you realize your goal in life. All the best!
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