How to Get Recruited as an Air Force Officer

The most stable jobs are associated with the federal government. However, they also have very strict entry requirements. The career of an air force officer is such an example, and its process involves detailed application formalities and an intensive training program.
To be a part of the US Air Force, is one of the most respected government jobs in the country. Most people have a misconception that jobs in this field are only for pilots. Note that only around 4% of USAF officers are pilots; rest all fall in the class of technical and non-technical personnel.
Mode of Entry
As the USAF consists of many different jobs, their modes of entry are also multiple. You have choices such as the Officer Training School (OTS), U.S. Air Force Academy, Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), the Airmen Education and Commissioning Program (AECP), and Direct Commission. For those who are studying in college, it is suggested that you choose ROTC, whereas those intending to work in medical fields of USAF can opt for Direct Commission.
If you decide to go into the U.S. Air Force Academy, you will have to complete a program of four years duration. Whereas, those with a bachelor's degree can select the 14-week training in OTS. Note that a mandatory requirement is a high school degree. Those who are choosing OTS or Direct Commission should get in touch with their local recruiting officers for further information.
Physical Test
The recruiting personnel will book a date for a physical examination. In this test, doctors will check if you have any kind of physical disability or diseases. Overall, prospective applicants should necessarily be physically and mentally fit, to carry out the required job. Also, you need to score a minimum of 75, from a total score of 100. There are even some prerequisites related to vision which should ideally be 20/20.
Air Force Officer Qualifying Test
Applying for the above test (AFOQT), is the next step in this procedure. The scoring of this test is done in five areas which include piloting, navigation, academic aptitude, verbal, and quantitative abilities. It has 11 parts which may require many hours to complete. To pass, you must have a good score of above 25 in the pilot section.
Document Submission
After the test results are displayed, you need to coordinate with the recruiter regarding the necessary documentation formalities. High school diploma copies, resume, three recommendation letters, AFOQT scores, and physical test reports, are some of the documents to be submitted. You might be required to submit proofs of citizenship and birth certificate copies as well.
Other Requirements
All aspiring to get into this government job need to be citizens of the US. Also, one should not be below 18 years and not above 30 years of age when applying in this field. There are many other requirements which depend on the mode of entry to the USAF. It is suggested that you get in touch with the air force office recruiter in your area for more details.