Auto Mechanic Salary

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Auto Mechanic Salary

Being an auto mechanic requires thorough knowledge of vehicle parts and repair. This article speaks about their salary range and also about the job description and educational requirements for the same.

Auto mechanics are the ones who have a complete insight, practical knowledge of auto repair and are also well versed with all the auto parts. An auto mechanic’s job is actually a challenging one and the most essential requirements one needs to have is, presence of mind and common sense. Not many people look towards this job as a long term career.

This is because, either they are interested in pursuing automobile engineering or repairing vehicles is a status issue for them! In this discussion, we are concerned with people who are genuinely interested in pursuing a career as an auto mechanic and further intend to excel in their work and launch their own workshop. So now, let us move ahead to know about the salary range, and also some other facets of this job.

Job Description

Auto mechanics are technical people and their work mainly involves repairing vehicles and performing maintenance activities.

  • The most important part of the job is to inspect, repair, and service the vehicle’s engine and also the external parts of the vehicle such as repairing dents.
  • Using various specialized equipment in order to repair the vehicle.
  • Diagnosing the exact problem, identifying its root cause and then fix the fault so that it lasts for a long time.
  • Communicating the fault with the client and explaining him the causes of the same.
  • In many workshops, where vehicle repairs are done with the help of advanced technology, auto mechanics need to use electronic tools, computers, and infrared engine analyzing machines to detect the problem.

Educational Requirements

In many countries, auto mechanics do not possess any formal qualification. They actually learn the art themselves by working in garages and workshops! However, in the developed countries, most of the employers prefer hiring high school graduates for this job. People who have completed courses in science, computers, mechanical and technical drawing, and mathematics are most widely preferred.

Apart from formal education and learning theory, you need to simultaneously work in some garage or workshop. As, it is only there, you’ll be able to learn your job well and learn all the minor aspects of the same. Auto mechanics are also required to learn the latest trends and techniques of repair and also keep a track of the alterations made in the vehicles of modern times.

Salary and Benefits

Frankly speaking, auto mechanics are not highly paid people. They are average earners. The average salary per year is somewhere around USD 28,000 – USD 30,000. Now, there are different types of mechanics, that specialize in repairing specific vehicles or specific parts of the vehicle. For instance, a truck mechanic earns somewhere in the range of USD 30,000 – USD 32,000 per annum, whereas a diesel mechanic is paid about USD 29,000 – USD 30,000.

However, lead mechanics are most highly paid in this league and their salary comes up to about USD 40,000. Apart from the yearly salary, they also enjoy many other benefits associated with retirement and health. Also, in some countries, compensation packages are provided to mechanics.

In this world where automobiles have taken over the transportation domain, people will keep on requiring auto mechanics to repair and service their vehicles, as after all, ‘do it yourself’ or ‘do at home repair’ is not possible for everyone. Remember, as with any job, commitment, hard and sincere work, and excellent customer service are the keys for career development in this sector.

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