Audiologist Salary Range

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Audiologist Salary Range

What is the average salary of an audiologist? This question must be thronging in your mind, in case you are a graduate or a master’s degree holder in audiology or subjects related to it. Read this CareerStint article and find out more about the factors related to an audiologist’s earning potential.

According to PayScale, the average salary of an audiologist is $63344 per year.

Audiologists are professionals who possess expertise in the non-medical management of the complications related to the auditory and balance systems of the body. They are not medical professionals performing surgeries or prescribing medications related to hearing loss. Instead, audiologists specialize in the study of normal problems of hearing impairment and the prevention of hearing loss. They also study various types of hearing problems and assess the patient’s ability to recover from these.

Besides this, audiologists assist people suffering from hearing disorders and they also diagnose hearing complications for all age groups. They also undergo training in the process of cochlear implants and hearing aids. They prepare the course of treatment for patients with ear problems, by analyzing the educational, medical, and psychological data of a patient’s medical history.

Educational Requirements

Prospective audiologists must plan out their career path since their high school and should opt science subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics, and psychology. Generally, there is no audiology course available at the undergraduate level but even if you are graduating in arts subjects like linguistics, sign language, phonetics, psychology, speech, biological and physical sciences, you can get admission for a post graduation degree in audiology colleges. The standard requirement for an audiologist’s job is a master’s degree in audiology.

However, a doctoral degree in audiology is becoming common as the standard criterion for an audiologist’s profession. It is highly probable that the standard requirement of a master’s degree will soon be replaced by the doctoral degree in audiology. However, that depends on the decisions of the concerned state authorities involved in providing certifications for the job of an audiologist.

Besides these general requirements, there are various certification exams conducted by American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) and American Board of Audiology, two prime bodies looking into the working of audiologists. Some audiologists are also required to produce licenses before they start serving as professional audiologists, but that depends on the laws of the state.

Salary Range

There are many factors that decide the salary range of an audiologist. Some of the chief parameters that decide the salary range of an audiologist are educational background, specialization and training skills, work experience, and the geographical location where the person is seeking the job. According to PayScale, an Audiologist can earn a salary in the range of $48,076 – $84,614.

It is expected that there will be a 10% increase in the employment demands of an audiologist by 2016. A large number of audiologists will be required in various colleges, universities, and research institutions as teachers and professors. The salary increases as you gain substantial work experience and upgrade your skills.

The job of an audiologist offers great career opportunities for people who have specialized in subjects related to phonetics and communication signs. As the scope for an audiologist’s job widens, the audiologist salary range may rise to higher levels. In the fluctuating economy, salaries are largely affected by various factors like employer size, industry requirement, employee credentials, and years of experience. So if you are interested in this field, do pursue a career in audiology.

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