Assistant Project Manager Job Description

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Assistant Project Manager Job Description

In this article, we will take a look at an assistant project manager’s job description and will also check their average salaries.

An assistant project manager works under a project manager and assists him innplanning and execution of a project. He is entrusted with ensuring that a project is being carried out smoothly and all the rules are being adhered to. We will take a detailed look at the assistant project manager job description, but first let’s know the educational requirements to become one.

Educational Requirements

One should have at least a bachelor’s degree to apply for the post of an assistant project manager. Apart from this, work experience of around 2-3 years is required as the job demands you to be accustomed to all the areas of project management. Aspiring candidates can train in project management after completing their bachelor’s degree as it can boost their prospects.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • An assistant project manager is in charge of revising the project work plans so that these satisfy all the needs and requirements.
  • An assistant project manager is entrusted with the evaluation of the issues that can crop up in future and can obstruct the smooth functioning of the project.
  • It is the duty of an assistant project manager to conduct a precise analysis of the project so that the firm gets some information about the returns that can be expected from the project.
  • A project manager forms various teams for smooth functioning of a project and often trusts his assistant to lead the team. So, it becomes very important that the assistant project manager has the required leadership skills to help drive his team to give their best in the project.
  • An assistant project manager is also responsible for the speedy completion of all the assignments entrusted by the project manager.
  • The job of an assistant project manager involves maintaining good relationships with the supervisors and the workers. We often see that many projects are not completed on time due to the innumerable differences between the management and workers. An assistant project manager can help bridge the differences by highlighting them to the project manager. This way, an assistant project manager can act as a mediator between people he works under and people who work under him.
  • An assistant project manager is not only responsible for maintaining harmonious relationships with the workers, but he is also expected to ensure that the clients and investors are satisfied with the way things are being done.
  • An assistant project manager is responsible for maintaining records regarding the on-site control functions. While a project is being carried out, a project manager may ask the assistant project manager to keep a day-to-day record of the various aspects involved in the project. These can include keeping a track of the team-hours, expenses etc.
  • An assistant project manager is responsible for keeping his team updated with the changes in the organization through effective communication, presentations etc. This helps in transparency and also helps in building the morale of the team.
  • An assistant manager is also responsible for helping the project manager with quality-control programs to ensure that the equipment is in good condition and the equipment which has gone through wear and tear is replaced immediately.


According to the payscale, the average salary of assistant project managers is around $50,000. People with more than 5 years of experience in this field can earn as high as $70,000, whereas freshmen on the other hand can make around $35,000 per annum. New York, Chicago and Boston are the best places to work as assistant project managers.

This was some information on an assistant project manager’s job description. A career in project management is challenging and it pays good enough to live with financial security. We hope that this article will be of some help if you are looking forward to a career in this field.

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