Assistant Professor Salary Range

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Assistant Professor Salary Range

For job aspirants interested in training and teaching, this article speaks about the assistant professor salary range, and also acquaints them with the job description and educational requirements of the same.

The teaching and training profession is on a rise in the United States, and therefore, many people are increasingly getting into direct teaching, soft skills training, technical training, etc. One amongst these teaching jobs is that of the professor. Many youngsters are looking at this profession seriously, and why not? Professors are key members of any college, institution, or university. They are the ones who teach students, train them well in their subject, groom them, and get them ready to take on the world. In the civilized and educated world, professors are a highly respected group of people. The remuneration earned by them is decent, and the career opportunities in this field are enormous.

As the name suggests, an assistant professor is someone who assists a professor in teaching and developing the curriculum. This is, however, a rough outlook of the assistant professor’s job, because he is responsible for many more things.

Job Description

The duties of an assistant professor vary significantly from university to university, or from institution to institution. However, speaking in general terms, the scope of duties and responsibilities of an assistant professor covers teaching tasks to administrative work.

  • The most important duty of an assistant professor is conducting classes and teaching relevant subjects to the students.
  • Assisting the professor in preparing and developing the curriculum, pertaining to his subject.
  • Performing revival of the curriculum and preparing developmental programs for the students under the guidance of the professor.
  • Maintaining lab equipment, making lab arrangements for the practical session, and providing materials for practicals to the students (if practicals are a part of the curriculum).
  • Working as an academic advisor to the students, and also clearing their queries and doubts.
  • Performing administrative and supervisory work associated to the department, and reporting the same to the head professor.

Educational Requirements

Being an assistant professor involves in depth teaching and training of the related subject to the students. Therefore, to earn job as an assistant professor, you need to complete a doctoral program in your specialized domain. Apart from this, you need to have excellent communication skills, an innovative and cooperative nature, and confidence to speak in front of people. Sound or preferably advanced computer knowledge is also another essential qualification to become an assistant professor. Job seekers with all the above said qualifications are preferred more by any university for the designation of assistant professor.

Average Salary

The salary of an assistant professor depends upon the institution or the university (shortly addressed as employer) where he is working, and also the duties and responsibilities that he or she will be handling. Assistant professors are decently paid in any institution. However, the average salary of assistant professors fall in the range of about USD 60,000 to USD 65,000. Besides the employer size and qualification, experience too plays an important role in deciding your salary. Assistant professors with an experience of working at a teacher’s or instructor’s position in a renowned institution definitely get paid more.

Remember, by becoming an assistant professor, you are entering the noble profession of teaching, and therefore you must focus on giving your best to the job. Further, with considerable knowledge, experience, and expertise over your subject, you will see yourself developing economically as well as a human being.

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