Assistant Manager Salary Range

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Assistant Manager Salary Range

As the position of an assistant manager is quite important in the management of a company, the salary largely depends on the leadership and management skills, and also the years of experience the candidate has.

In a business power structure, assistant managers are important links between the senior management and the subordinate workers. They are middle-management professionals who play a very important role in the smooth functioning of an organization, and are responsible for carrying out various types of tasks. Without concentrating on a particular type of industry, you can say that they are an ‘assistant’ to a general manager, and a ‘manager’ to the team leaders, supervisors, and other associates.


First of all, the pay scale depends on the sector and industry one is rendering their services to. A particular company may have many divisions, and for each one of them, there could be assistant managers assigned. Generally, a company consists of departments like sales and marketing, finance, production, procurement, retail, administration, and so on. The salary in the finance team would be different from that of the procurement division. Like in other professions and positions, the pay also depends on the job responsibilities, leadership skills, communication skills, level of expertise and experience, educational qualification, and such other factors. The average pay is approximately USD 35,000 per annum, and as the work experience increases, the salary range is also likely to rise. The median salary is somewhere around USD 50,000 to USD 55,000 per annum.

Typical Duties

An assistant manager can be handed over a particular domain of work, depending on his level of expertise, or could even be assigned the operation of a general domain, which covers a mixed set of obligations. In simple words, their duties generally differ depending on the type of company they are working in and the sort of operations they are responsible for. The obligations differ in areas such as production, marketing and sales, human resource management, finance, etc. The responsibilities that are carried out have a considerable impact on their remuneration.

Duties in Production

Duties in this industry usually include taking in orders and conveying them to the production group, making sure that the targets are achieved, and that there is an equilibrium in supply and demand, while ensuring that the quality standards of products or services are met. It also includes administrative tasks such as providing daily production reports to managers.

Duties in Sales and Marketing

The responsibilities include ensuring that the marketing strategy of the organization is diligently implemented and all associated tasks are executed by the team. It also includes making sure that the anticipated sales targets or goals are met in a given time period, reporting to the manager regarding all the latest developments in his scope, and maintaining a high level of service.

Duties in Finance

The obligations comprise managing everyday sale and purchase accounts of his sub-division, presenting a review of the fiscal necessities and status to the managers, and submitting periodical reports regarding performance.

To be a success in this role, you need to have good leadership and managerial capabilities, along with interpersonal and communication skills.

Disclaimer: The aforementioned salary range is approximate, and is subject to change depending on various factors.

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