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Art Teacher Salary

Art Teacher Salary
Provided here is an overview of the earning potential of an art teacher along with the job description. This CareerStint article will prove useful to you if you want to become an art teacher and help students to discover their creative skills.
Mayuri Kulkarni
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job opportunities for elementary and middle school teachers are projected to rise by 12%, while those for high school teachers are expected to rise relatively slowly (6% growth) during the decade 2012-2022. Post secondary teachers would see faster-than-average (19%) job growth.

An art teacher is a professional who teaches courses related to music, painting, drama, sculpture, crafts, etc. He/she can be employed in an elementary school, college, or even in a private institute. The average salary of an art teacher is somewhere around $55,000, and can vary depending upon the type of employer, experience, educational qualification, and geographical location, etc.
According to the BLS, increasing population and decreasing teacher-to-student ratios support a positive outlook for art teachers in elementary schools. Data presented by the BLS shows that art teachers at elementary and middle schools earn almost the same. However, an art teacher at a university or private art institute is paid more than his/her elementary/middle school counterpart.
Salary Range
  • According to Indeed, the average annual salary of an art teacher is $66,000 in New York, while in San Francisco, it is $74,000. In Dallas, it is $56,000, while in Boston, it is $69,000. Thus, location plays an important role in determining the salary of an art teacher.
  • According to PayScale, the median starting salary is between $23,679 - $51,408. The salary figures of experienced candidates can be in the range of US $29,047 to $73,129.
  • According to the BLS, the median annual salary of a secondary school teacher is $56,310, that of a middle school teacher is $54,940, and that of an elementary school teacher is $54,120.
  • The median annual salary of a high school (post secondary) art teacher is $64,300.
  • The highest levels of employment in this occupation is seen in colleges, universities, and professional schools. These are also the top-paying industries for this occupation. The average salary is $76,350. In junior colleges, the art teacher receives $75,460 annually.
  • California ($89,290), New York ($111,960), Texas ($60,990), Pennsylvania ($69,250), and Ohio ($73,530), are the states with the highest employment level in this occupation.
  • Post secondary art teachers earn higher salaries in certain states. New York ($111,960), California ($89,290), Maryland ($86,540), Connecticut ($84,470), and Massachusetts ($84,440) are described by the BLS as the top paying states for this occupation.
As mentioned earlier, the salary of an art teacher is governed by a number of factors. It depends on the place of teaching and the level of expertise. The type of employer is another major influencing factor that affects the salary. Self-employed art teachers earn more than those employed in schools and universities, while those who work in private companies earn the highest. They are provided with a number of benefits, other than their salaries. They are given nice pension plans and health care plans, and these benefits increase their annual salary by almost 50%. Those who teach in rural areas earn less as compared to those who work in urban areas.
With the advance of modern technology, along with drawing, painting, and craft, etc., 'art' also involves graphic designing, animation, info-graphics, commercial art (advertising), and various fields related to cinematography (photography, set designing), etc. Art teachers who run their own institutions to teach these techniques earn way more than elementary and high school teachers.
Job Description
  • To obtain teaching jobs in the field of a particular art, one has to obtain a four-year Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts or Arts.
  • Further these students also opt for a one year training that includes techniques of teaching students, classroom management, child psychology, etc.
  • After obtaining these skills, one must obtain a license for teaching students in public schools and other institutions.
  • An art teacher instructs students regarding techniques of various vocational and applied arts like sketching, painting, music, sculpturing, etc.
  • He/she designs the lessons for the students, and achieves the goals accordingly.
  • He/she selects the educational material required for the students, and arranges demonstrations for teaching the students.
  • He/she has to observe every student, and suggest tips and techniques for the progress and improvement of the students.
  • The teacher should encourage and help his students to express their thoughts and ideas artistically.
  • Sometimes field trips to art galleries and museums are also arranged to expose the students to various forms of art.
  • To become a successful art teacher, one must have skills to teach various genres, and help the students to discover their creative skills.
  • He/she should be skilled enough to spot out the talent in every student in his/her class.
Other than public and elementary schools, an art teacher can also be employed in a school of students with physical or mental disabilities. The profession is quite challenging with great career opportunities. One should definitely have a love for teaching to make a successful career in the field. The above given figures on art teacher salary are approximate, and may change with location and other influencing factors.