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Art Teacher Job Description

Art Teacher Job Description

Becoming an art teacher is a good choice for those who have an interest in art and teaching. This article tells you more about the job description of this career...
Stephen Rampur
If you have a love for art, one of the more suitable careers you can choose is that of an art teacher. However, for this profession, you also need to have a flair for teaching. This is one of the most exciting careers in the art field. This career has a lot to do with the worldly aspects which can be used for contributing to the creativity in students. In order to work in art teacher jobs, you first need to develop your skills in the field you want to teach.
Job Description
The duties are not specific, and may change as per the teaching field. These teaching professionals may provide services in any types of schools and community learning facilities. The primary job of an art teacher is to instruct students and impart knowledge about a variety of skills such as drawing and painting, sketching, designing, photography, fashion designing, calligraphy, sculpturing, and other interests in the field of arts. They also prepare lesson plans and set a schedule for lessons.
In order to make students understand better, she may also be asked to select books and other art supplies for the course being taught. Since any subject of art may be difficult to understand for pupils, one main responsibility she has is to give a proper demonstration to students regarding the lessons. She has to assess the skill of every student and give guidance for improvement. She has to help the school admin department to manage educational trips to art galleries and similar other places.
Going along with students to such trips and educating them about the matters being observed is also an important role of an arts teacher. She may be required to conduct and arrange arts and crafts competitions in the educational facility. An art teacher generally has to carry out the coordination of extracurricular activities held by the educational entity. She has to be well versed with the history of arts to clear the doubts of students if any. Her duties also include making sure the tools and art supplies are sufficient for students to do their practice.
An arts teacher has to motivate students who are good at a specific skill; such as playing a musical instrument, painting, or photography. She has to counsel and discuss with parents regarding the best way of skill improvement for students. An arts teacher has to alter her teaching methods according to the grasping level of students, such as may be different in elementary, middle school, and high school.
When it comes to teaching jobs, education is absolutely significant. For this career, you need to possess a 4-year bachelor's degree in art or fine arts, with a focus on education. If you are already an artist and want to get into the teaching field, you will have to complete a training course in teaching which usually lasts for a year or so. In case you want to be employed in public schools and educational entities, you would be required to hold licensure from your respective state.
Salary Range
Years of Experience Median Salary Scale
0 to One Year $21,500 - $40,500
One to Four Years $29,000 - $41,250
Five to Nine Years $33,000 - $48,500
10 to 19 Years $31,250 - $51,500
Over 20 Years $41,500 - $70,600

State of Employment Median Salary Scale
New York $31,000 - $52,000
California $30,250 - $56,000
New Jersey $32,500 - $51,000
Texas $36,500 - $51,000
Pennsylvania $30,500 - $43,500

City of Employment Median Salary Scale
New York City $24,000 - $54,500
Los Angeles $40,000 - $59,000
Atlanta $41,000 - $63,000
Chicago $25,000 - $40,000
Dallas $45,000 - $51,000

This is a general explanation of the job duties of an art teacher, requirements for this career, and salary details. The job as an arts teacher can be interesting if you have real interest in a particular skill and want to get into the teaching profession. There are many art professionals who have chosen careers as teachers in arts.