Architect Salary Range

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Architect Salary Range

The salary range of an architect largely depends on the creativity and practicality that he puts in his job. This article provides a state-wise list of salary ranges in the United States, and gives additional information on the job description of various types of architects.

*All figures mentioned in this article are in US dollars, as per Indeed as of April, 2014.

Architecture is a radically distinctive combination of the creative and practical abilities of an architect. It is a wide term which relates to the infrastructure, as well as the software development field. However, when we say architects, the first thing that comes to our mind is professionals who help in designing buildings and homes. Nowadays, there are different kinds of architects such as landscape, naval, and software architects. However, the term ‘architect’ is generic to the infrastructure designing and development sector.

Salary Range

A majority of architects are employed by clients for the execution of a particular project. They make blueprints, and devise structures like houses and edifices. In addition to safety factors, these professionals are also required to consider the clients’ budget constraints, and aesthetic necessities. They need to be proficient in their operation area’s building codes, and permit jurisprudences, and also in managing construction efficiently. The innovative and management skills, qualities, and capabilities are the reason why the salary range for an architect is so high. As per Indeed, the average salary of architects is $96,000 as of April 2014.

State-wise Salary Range

Following table shows the basic state-wise salaries of architects. These figures may vary according to the individual’s education, experience, and specialization.

State Salary
Alabama $97,000
Alaska $72,000
Arizona $80,000
Arkansas $95,000
California $103,000
Colorado $85,000
Connecticut $111,000
Delaware $85,000
Florida $90,000
Georgia $110,000
Hawaii $60,000
Idaho $64,000
Illinois $109,000
Indiana $93,000
Iowa $94,000
Kansas $87,000
Kentucky $82,000
Louisiana $83,000
Maine $85,000
Maryland $99,000
Massachusetts $115,000
Michigan $98,000
Minnesota $84,000
Mississippi $101,000
Missouri $94,000
Montana $86,000
Nebraska $70,000
Nevada $75,000
New Hampshire $95,000
New Jersey $104,000
New Mexico $85,000
New York $116,000
North Carolina $92,000
North Dakota $86,000
Ohio $92,000
Oklahoma $88,000
Oregon $92,000
Pennsylvania $92,000
Rhode Island $88,000
South Carolina $93,000
South Dakota $73,000
Tennessee $88,000
Texas $93,000
Utah $75,000
Vermont $85,000
Virginia $96,000
Washington $97,000
West Virginia $91,000
Wisconsin $86,000
Wyoming $80,000

Profile-wise Salary Range

Profile Salary
Green Design Architect $104,000
Commercial/Public Architect $101,000
Industrial Architect $96,000
Landscape Architect $90,000
Naval Architect $82,000
Interior Designer Architect $60,000

A Few Types of Architects

Landscape Architect

The primary duty of landscape architects is to create useful and beautiful outdoor ambiances. They utilize natural factors such as land, trees, bushes, etc., to create beautiful settings which enhance the appearance of buildings, main roads, and parks. They are hired for executing small residential projects, or big commercial ones. For instance, they may be asked to design a pond for a private estate, or might be contracted for working on the design of a public park. Few landscape architects may be hired for carrying out industrial projects which may include designing appealing surroundings for a factory. Some might also render services for designing highways and freeways as well.

Naval Architect

A naval architect is an expert engineer who is assigned the task of designing, constructing, and repairing ships and boats, ferries, submarines, warships, vessels, etc. He is responsible for devising the design for ships, boats, related components and equipment, etc., by employing specific mathematical and physical prototypes. He also makes sure that the ships’ design is appropriate in terms of technicalities and safety ordinances. His job description includes devising the complete build procedure of the vessel, and supervising everything from concepts to the final delivery of the product. He also advises engineering solutions, technical and commercial direction, and guidance and project management for concept design research. His main responsibility is to conduct a risk analysis of the vessels and marine structures, by employing the ordinances of classification societies and intergovernmental organizations.

Green Design Architect

With the rising, environmental hazards, this is one profession that is in great demand. A green architect is someone who designs infrastructure, keeping it’s impact on the environment in mind. He is required to have a conscious approach to ecological conservation. The objectives of green construction are using energy resources efficiently, and reducing pollution and environmental degradation.

There are other job responsibilities that architects may have to carry out, which may vary according to their duties, level of expertise, and creativity.

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