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Animal Hospital Receptionist Resume

Animal Hospital Receptionist Resume

When applying for the job of a receptionist at a veterinary hospital, you will need to draft a resume. We'll tell you what the format for such a resume is and what details you will need to include in the same.
Tulika Nair
If you have a pet, then you would know what the job of an animal hospital receptionist involves. While working at veterinary hospitals and clinics, it is their duty to handle the daily affairs of the clinic. From scheduling appointments to taking care of invoices, to maintaining the staying area for animals, and ensuring that they are given their medication on time, a receptionist at an animal hospital has a lot of responsibilities. While drafting a curriculum vitae for the post of a receptionist at an animal hospital, you will need to give an overview of what your qualifications are and what are the responsibilities that you have undertaken in your previous capacities. With the sample resume given in this article, you should be able to draft the document without any difficulty.

Resume for an Animal Hospital Receptionist

Regardless of the place of work, the basic duties of a receptionist are more or less the same. Of course, there are some things that are specific to the place you work. For example, when you work at a veterinarian's office you will be expected to know the basic processes and procedures involved and of course, you will be expected to be fond of animals. The sample that has been given below can help you draft your own resume if you need to. It will tell you exactly what are the skills that a receptionist at an animal hospital needs to possess and what responsibilities he or she will be expected to take up.

Resume for Veterinary Hospital Receptionist
Alicia Greene
534, Oak Street
Los Angeles - 94539
Phone No: 444-534-5522


To work as a receptionist in an organization dedicated to improving the health conditions amongst animals, and an organization where I can put by abilities, skills, and experience to optimal use.

Skill Set Summary
  • Knowledge of the most basic practices and procedures of the veterinary discipline and an ability to take care of minor problems.
  • Keen love for animals and an interest in understanding animal behavior patterns and their psychology.
  • Open to working in flexible shifts and a dependable team player who is open to learning new things.
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills and an ability to solve problems easily.
  • An ability to give the customer or client what he needs and help them out.
Work Experience

Veterinary Receptionist
Lipmann Veterinary Clinic, Los Angeles
June 2009 - Present
  • Answering all incoming calls, handling queries, making appointments, taking messages, and ensuring that there is no confusion and overlap of appointments.
  • Preparation of medical files for every animal treated in the clinic and maintaining and updating these files. Organization of the files according to different wards in the clinic.
  • Responsibility of checking in and checking out of animals admitted to the clinic.
  • Ensuring that the animals are given their medication, food, and care facilities on time, according to the doctor's orders.
  • Crisis management in an emergency and providing assistance to the doctor during surgery, treatment, and patient care.
  • Maintaining living facilities for the animals and collecting test samples from them as and when needed.
Summary of Educational Qualifications

JFK High School, New Jersey
High School Diploma, 2009

Personal Information

Date of Birth: 2nd June 1992
Status of Employment: Full time

Dr. Jaime Anniston
City Animal Shelter, Los Angeles
Cell: 444-434-6564

For someone who loves animals and wants to embark on a career to help animals, a job as a receptionist at an animal hospital can be the perfect way to gain more insight into the field. Not only will you get in depth knowledge of how to care for animals but you also get to spend time with them.