Anesthesia Technician Salary

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Anesthesia Technician Salary

Read the following article to get an idea of what an anesthesia technician salary is like and what some of the factors that determine it are.

An anesthesia technician is a very important link in all medical jobs where surgeries and operations are concerned. He assists the key members of the anesthesia care unit, mainly the anesthesiologists, assistants, and the nurse anesthetist. The job of an anesthesia technician is a highly prestigious one and needless to say is one of great responsibility as well. In the following article we shall be looking into a general graph of the anesthesia technician’s salary range and try to see what some of the main factors that influence this range are.


  • Assists the entire anesthesia care unit during operations.
  • He has to monitor all the equipment that is used in the operations. This would include cleaning, troubleshooting, and maintaining the equipment.
  • He needs to have a thorough knowledge of the different types of mechanical and electronic devices that are used during operations.
  • He maintains a record of all the supplies that are used in the anesthesia unit.
  • He has to keep a record of the varied operations that are to take place in the operating rooms, which will help determine the anesthesia needs and requirements for the operations.
  • He needs to be aware of all the safety procedures and policies.

The average salary range of an anesthesia technician will fall in the figures of US $27, 000 – US $40,000 per annum. Although this amount gives us an idea about the kind of salary figures that we are looking at, it is also important to note that there are several other factors that influence this number and can cause a change in these figures for the better.

Years of Experience

It has been seen that the salary figures will undergo a change when one takes into consideration the number of years that they have worked. A technician who has under a year or two years of experience will be paid in the range of US $12.50 – 18.50 (Hourly). Whereas a technician who has worked for 15 years and more will be paid approximately US $15.00 – 21.00 (Hourly).

Place of Hire

One other factor that influences this figure greatly is the place of hire. Every place has its own policies and strategies according to which the figures are decided. A technician working in Chicago is seen to earn one of the highest figures in the United States, that of US $18.00 (Hourly). There are certain other places also that pay the technicians a sum that falls somewhere close to this range―these become worth mentioning. There is Baltimore that pays a salary of US $16.00 (Hourly), followed by Houston which pays an hourly figure of US $15.00 (Hourly).

Industry of Hire

There are certain industries that pay an anesthesia technician a higher sum than the others. It has been studied that the medical services industry pays these technicians a sum of US $19.00 on an hourly basis. This is one of the highest figures of the country. Along with this industry, the health care and health care services industries also pay a high amount of US $17.50 (Hourly) and US $17.00 (Hourly), respectively.

Gender Differences

This industry hires more males (61%) than females (31%) and the figures seem to reflect that because the males get a sum of US $17.50 on an hourly basis whereas the females get a sum of US $16.00.

A certified anesthesia technician’s salary will differ slightly due to the added responsibilities that they have to take on. The figures will be slightly higher than that of a regular anesthesia technician.

P.S. – All the figures provided are an approximate salary range. These will change with each company and its policies. These figures are of the year 2010-2011.

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