Air Hostess Resume Sample

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Air Hostess Resume Sample

If you are a air hostess, writing a resume is almost the same as writing any other resume, with some additional personal information such as height, weight, eyesight, etc.

A resume for an air hostess is not very different from any other resume because the main components remain the same. The format for presenting your curriculum vitae (CV) remains the same for any kind of job application.

Air Hostess Resume

Contact / Personal Details: The first and foremost entry should mention the personal contact details of the applicant. This should have the postal address, phone number and email address too.

Apart from the above mentioned things, a resume should contain the physical statistics too like the height, weight, complexion, etc. It should also mention your visual acuity, since the medical requirements are stringent.

Objective: You should mention the objective for applying to the particular job. It should also include your long term career objective too. This section gives you a chance to portray your sincerity and passion for that particular job. So, though short and simple, this section can be turned into an eye catcher.

Experience: This section has the details of your past work experience. The current trend of the format is to follow the reverse chronological order in mentioning your professional experience.

It means that the most recent details of your last employment should come first then the rest, going in the reverse order. This means your first job comes last in this section. You are supposed to mention the duration for which you were associated with the firms, what responsibilities you shouldered, and mention if you had any special achievements.

Education: As the name suggests, this section should have the details of your education. Highlight the relevant courses you have done and outstanding achievements, if any.

Languages Known: This section would prove to be beneficial if you know more than two languages. The job of an air hostess requires interaction with people from various countries, and the knowledge of an extra language will be an added advantage.

Extra Activities: This is an optional section to be mentioned in the resume. If you were involved in something that is likely to give you an edge over the rest of the candidates, mention it. For example, if you took a course in emergency medical services.

Sample Resume

Torque Earnest
13, Elm Street, Peter Boulevard,
Washington, USA.
Contact No. – 4041 82 007

Height: 175 cms
Weight: 110 lbs
Eyesight: 20/20
Complexion: Fair

Objective: To find employment in an esteemed organization like yours for boosting my career and utilizing my leadership and goal oriented skills to achieve great heights.


2007 – Present
Flight Attendant, Washington Airways

  • Work assigned and accomplishment 1
  • Work assigned and accomplishment 2
  • Work assigned and accomplishment 3
  • Work assigned and accomplishment 4
  • Work assigned and accomplishment 5
2004 – 2007

Cabin Crew, Washington DC International Airlines

  • Work assigned and accomplishment 1
  • Work assigned and accomplishment 2
  • Work assigned and accomplishment 3
  • Work assigned and accomplishment 4
  • Work assigned and accomplishment 5

Languages Known:

  • Language 1
  • Language 2
  • Language 3
  • Language 4

Hope this article has provided you with useful tips for writing a resume, with the format and sample given above. All the best!

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